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How do you call a teenage girl for a date?

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Straight up, tell her on the phone but right before your about to hang up. Or you can ask in a public place like a library. If she says no then just act cool about it and say that's cool with me. Trust me, it works almost all the time.

2011-09-12 23:45:54
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If you are a teenage boy and are asking a girl on a date should you call it a date?

yes you r on a date with her

How do you call a girl for sex?

I'm a boy of teenage. If i call a girl for sex I'll call her along with her sister.If possible with the permission of her parents. because parents are the call a girl first ask her phone number

How do you call i girl for a date?

i use a phone to call someone

Can a girl call after the second date?

Yes, if they want to. They can call after a first date if they want to, or any date. It is their choice. There are no rules about it.

What show is about a teenage girl who like to date with hot teen boys?

Hanna Montana. Have fun.

Can a 16 year old teenage girl date an 18 year old teenage boy in the US?

Yes. Its not illegal. 4 years age difference is.

What does it mean when a girl tells you to call her after a date?

it's not rocket science. CALL HER

When was Diary of a Teenage Girl created?

Diary of a Teenage Girl was created in 2000.

How long should you wait to call girl?

if it is after a date, and you KNOW it went well, call her right after...but if you think the date was awkward...but you like her, wait for her to call

Ideal weight for a teenage girl?

The ideal weight for a teenage girl is around 120

What if your girl on date receives a call from another boyfriend and plans to go with him?

then she's not your girl.

Should a girl call after the first date?

no the guy should.

How do you ask a girl to a movies?

Type in the search engine "How do you call a girl for a date" and you will find your asnwer there.

What does it mean when a girl says she will call to make a date but then doesn't call?

It means she stood you up. :(

Can a teenage boy get arrested for impregnating a teenage girl?


What do you call a teenage turkey?

A teenage turkey is called a Jake.

What do teenage boys do with girl for there first date?

Its simple just take them to dinner and/or the movies(one she wants to see no you) and then home ! HAVE FUN !!!!!

What are some creative present ideas for a teenage girl?

A teenage boy.

What does it mean if after a first date the guy asks the girl to call him. Is he still interested in that girl or is it a blowoff?

It might mean he's shy to call you.

What actors and actresses appeared in Killing the Afternoon - 2005?

The cast of Killing the Afternoon - 2005 includes: Ailish Cleary as Teenage Girl 3 Andrea Deady as Teenage Girl 2 Siobhan Hanley as Teenage Girl 4 Gary Horgan as Teenage Boy 2 Ciara Lynch as Teenage Girl 1 Thea Scanlan as Child

What is a teenage girls dream date?


Why would a girl give you her number?

Because she wants you to call her and ask her out on a date.

How do you call a boy to be your boyfriend?

I think that a boy must offer girl to date

What is the music video where a teenage girl sneaks out to meet a boy when she tells her dad she is doing homework?

it is call mindless behavior hello

What is an easy song for teenage girl to perform?

An easy song for a teenage girl to perform might be something by Taylor Swift.