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Hermit crabs need a place to hide in. So like a hermie hut or anything that they can hide in and be away from others. You need a food bowl and a water bowl. You need water that's in a bottle NOT tap water. You need to have the correct substrate so like jungle bedding, Gravel, sand. Don't do your whole tank with Gravel they can't burrow. You need a spray bottle to mist them and keep humidity up and a temp gauge and humidity gauge to see what the temp is. Your tank needs to be 70-85 degrees F. To help keep humidity up you can get a undertank heater. If you do get an undertank heater you need to put it on the side of your tank not the bottom. You don't want it on the bottom of your tank because if a crab burrows down and gets to close they could get over heated. You need salt water which you can get at your local pet store so like Petsmart, Petco, or any other like pet store. Give them salt water once a week. I would recommend HBH hermit crab salt. You can get oceananic. You may want a sponge in your water bowl to help with humidity. You need something to climb so like drift wood, rocks, or choya wood. You also need some extra shells. 2 smaller then your crab. 2 bigger then your crab and 2 the same size of your crab.

to take care of a hermit crab you need a castel or a thing to hide in . you need a food bowl and extra shells for them make sure u have moss so they can sleep or relax in it .hermit carbs like attenchen so watch them alot i recommed not to pick them up too much !! make sure you have food and water change or clean tub ever 5 days give them salt

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Q: How do you care for a hermit crab?
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How do you take care of a Jamaican hermit crab?

If it is a hermit crab, then it is like any other hermit crab, so just take care of it as you would to a regular hermit crab :)

How do you take care of sea hermit crab?

how do you take care of a sea hermit crab

What should you know to do for your hermit crab?

Show Love and CARE for your hermit crab.

What does a hermit crab grow in to?

a hermit crab

What eats a hermit crab?

What is a Hermit Crab's predator?

The hermit crab is not moving?

It is not an emergency your hermit crab is probably just molting or sleeping. Make sure that it has enough food, water,and lots of love and care.

What is easier to take care of a hermit crab or a blue parakeet?

hermit crabs are way more easier to my perspective

How long does a hermit crab live for?

Hermit Crabs can live 10+ years with the proper care.

Do you need to feed your hermit crab if it bites to much?

Hermit crabs do not bite, they pinch. When a hermit crab pinches you that means that they are intimidated and stressed out, and possibly hungry. In your crabitat there should always be fresh food available to your hermit crab so it does not starve. My hermit crabs are 6 years old, if you want to learn how to PROPERLY CARE FOR A HERMIT CRAB, visit

Can a hermit crab live with fish?

if it is a land hermit crab then no,

Is it mean to have a caged hermit crab?

no as long as you take care of it and you are not overcrowding the tank

How do you take care of land hermit crab eggs?

Land Hermit Crab Babies Are Microscopic And Live In the Ocean. It Is Near Impossible To Raise Baby Hermits In Captivity

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