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I used to have a Hermit Crab that was originally wild, Buddy. He needed more space than my sister's tame crab, Friendly. Also, Friendly was a little lazy. Buddy wanted to climb all day. I don't know if all wild Hermits are like this

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Do hermit crabs have babies?

hermit crabs mate in waters so if they are in captivity no in the wild yes hermit crabs mate in waters so if they are in captivity no in the wild yes

How do you care for wild baby hermit crabs?

give them food both freash and salt water

Can you keep wild crabs as pets?

While it is never a good idea to bring crabs home from the beach, all hermit crabs are wild because they cannot be bred in captivity. So in essence, the hermit crab you buy at the petstore IS a wild crab as all hermit crabs are wild harvested.

When do hermit crabs get shells?

Hermit crabs do not get shells. They have to find them in the wild. If they are in a cage they rely on you to give them shells.

Should hermit crabs be kept in pairs?

YES! Hermit crabs love to be around each other! In the wild, hermit crabs travel in packs of up to 100!

Can hermit crabs died of loneliness?

Yes. Hermit crabs love to be social and in the wild, they go together as groups. You should get atleast 2 hermit crabs, because they will get stressed.

What are some facts about hermit crabs?

Hermit crabs can snap a pencil in two! Hermit crabs have been abused by PEOPLE and STILL ARE! :( :( Hermit crabs are not easy pets to take care of hermit crabs molt ( research more about it) Hermit crabs need 70 - 80% / F , Humidity and temp Hermit crabs LOVE to climb trees! Hermit crabs are very social get at least 2! hermit crabs get their names cause of the 1 shell on their back Hermit crabs need distilled water and SEA salt water Hermit crabs have modified gills Hermit crabs are scavengers ect . . . ect . . .

What do wild hermit crabs eat?

they eat anything they can get their claws on in the wild.

Where do wild hermit crabs live?

they live by beaches

Can wild hermit crabs eat lettuce?

No they can't

What does wild hermit crab eat?

hermit crabs are scavengers and will eat anything they come across on. For wild hermit crabs they will eat dead fish on the shore, climb trees to eat bugs,and eat fruit that falls on the ground like a mango. hermit crabs are tropical animals

How do you know when you hermit crabs are matting?

Hermit crabs in captivity cannot mate. Unless you live on a tropical island with wild hermit crabs, there's no need to worry. They were probably just playing.

Can hermit crabs have baby hermit crabs?

Actually, you can't make your crabs have babies in captivity, they can only reproduce in the wild because they lay their eggs in the ocean.

What are facts Hermit Crabs?

A Purple Pincher hermit crab can snap a pencil in two with it's big claw. Hermit crabs can drown in water Hermit crabs Are tropical animals Hermit crabs have been abused for years and years Each hermit crab have a diffrent personality In the wild they live in groups by the hundreds In captivity hermit crabs can live for years

Are hermit crabs decreasing or increasing?

the wild populations of land hermit crabs are decreasing because of people collecting them for the pet business :(

Do hermit crabs use snail shells?

not pet hermit crabs... they are too weak and fragile to keep the hermit crab save although wild hermit crabs might use them the would be sea snails which have harder shells

What does a wild hermit crab eat?

wild hermit crabs are scavengers they usually eat what other animals have left behind.

What is a wild hermit crab that lives in water in ocean eat?

Wild hermit crabs eat just about anything they are scavengers

Where does a hermit live?

In the wild, land hermit crabs live in jungles, forests, and even gardens in warm areas. Water hermit crabs live in the warm oceans.

What is a hermatologist?

A person who provides care for Hermit Crabs!

Does hermit crabs take care of baby hermit crabs?

i cant yes or no i would say kind of sometimes they would be separated and learn to take care of themselves

Do hermit crabs need friends?

Yes, they have their shells to hide from predators in the wild and they usually have colonies of 100 hermit crabs to hide also.

What type of shells do hermit crabs live in when they are in the wild?

Hermit crabs live in sea snail shells so the hermit crabs go in which ever shell they think will be comfy, like turbo shells. Also hermit crabs love shells with a pearl color inside.

Can hermit crabs live with different hermit crabs?

If you mean "can you put two hermit crabs together", then yes. In fact, in the wild they live this way; they aren't really "hermits" at all but live in fairly large colonies.

Do hermit crabs stay together in a community?

Yes they do. Out in the wild hermit crabs live in groups up to hundreds. but in captivity i would have at least 3.