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How do you care for a mini pet turtle?

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To maintain a healthy turtle's life it needs to have good nutrition, clean tank water, plenty of room, UV light, a basking area and a basking lamp. This is quite expensive to set up for the first time, but is relatively cheap to maintain. It is best to buy your new turtle young if you want to foster a good relationship (yes there is such thing!), but if that does not concern you than I recommend adopting one from your local SPCA or animal shelter for a small donation, as it will be cheaper and possibly saving the turtle's life. Baby turtles are mainly carniverous and need feeding at least twice a day - recommended by vets: bloodworms, pellets, frozen food and occasionally live food. As they age, turtles only need feeding once every day or two, become omnivorous and can be fed plants like spinach and lettuce in addition to their usual diet. NOTE~ a varied diet is essential for optimum health of your beloved pet! Clean your tank partially every week and/or completely every fortnight AT LEAST. It is easiest to use a gravel siphon that will clean the gravel at the same time as siphoning out the water. Remember to scrub any logs/stones/ornaments you might have in the tank to prevent bacterial/agae build-up. NOTE~ NEVER start a siphon with your mouth. Instead, fill the siphon with water, block both ends with your thumbs, place one covered end in the water and one below level and release thumbs! If done correctly the water will immediately start siphoning out. (It took me several tries to get the hang of it!) Basking is an essential part of any semi-aquatic turtles life, as it dries out their shell to prevent shell rot and fungal infection. Use BOTH a warm basking lamp and a UVA/B reptile light, of which the latter can be suspended inside an aquarium light hood. The basking area needs to be big enough so the turtle can be fully out of the water in some area, and should be stable. Many owners have come to grief when stacking rocks/logs and having them collapse and drowning their pet turtle! A siliconed ramp/platform or specifically made floating platform goes down very well. NOTE~ make sure the turtle can successfully climb onto the platform without much strain, or else the purpose of the platform is utterly defeated. NOTE: it is often easy to buy your new baby turtle with a tank suitable for it's adult size, to avoid having to pay a lot more money when buying a second tank. Plenty of room is one of the most important things an owner can give their pet. 150cm should be the MINIMUM for two adult red eared turtles, while the smaller Reeve's turtles can get away with two in a 120cm tank. Baby red eareds can get away with one in a 60cm tank until approx. 1 year of age. The water depth should be at least two times the length of the turtle's shell. Although the initial setup of the turtle and tha tank are expensive, mantainance costs are low and if you are passionate enough about animals, I am sure you will find your turtle a great pet!

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Pet turtle lifespan?

It depends on what species of turtles it is and how well you take care of it.

How old do you have to be to have a turtle?

For a turtle, i'd say you could be any age... it doesn't take much maintenance to take care of one. ANSWER You are old enough to have a turtle or other pet when your parents determine that you are responsible enough to care for it. A turtle is a good starter pet because it doesn't require alot of attention on a daily basis. However, as with any pet, the pet is Completely dependent on you for food, water and shelter. Don't forget to feed it and take care of it because without you, it will not survive.

How many eggs can a pet turtle have?

it could lay 100 to 200 but ... Pets And Pet Care / Reptiles / Turtles And Tortoises

Where could one find care instructions for a box turtle?

Box turtles can be a delightful pet, but as with all animals one must take certain precautions and steps in caring for them. There are websites dedicated to the care and safety of a pet turtle, Turtle Puddle being one of them. In addition, many pet stores which can offer box turtles might also offer pamphlets for basic care needs. A book on the subject could also be obtained, as there are many books for the care and safety of various pet animals.

How do you care for your pet baby snapping turtle?

Here is a website.

How much can a pet turtle be?

A pet turtle can be about a 50 years old.

I live in Australia and am interested in moving to New Zealand. Can I take my pet turtle with me?

Of course you can take your turtle. Just take care in his packing.

How do you find out what your turtle eats?

there are a lot of good websites that give helpful information about what a turtle eats. It would probably be helpful if you knew what kind of turtle you had. Then just Google care for your pet turtle, or something like that.

Can a pet turtle lay eggs?

Yes, a pet turtle can lay eggs.

Can a mini turtle eat a mini lobster?


Is a pet turtle a mammal?

A pet turtle is not a turtle, it is a reptile because it does not have hair and does not give birth like mammals do!

Is it allowed to keep a turtle as a pet in Norway?

I think so. My friend had a turtle as a pet.

Do you need a licence to have a pet turtle?

No, depending on the breed of turtle. The common box turtle, which is favorable as a pet, does not need a (( license. ))

Where can you buy a turtle pet store prefered if you live in NJ.?

I live in NJ and I suddenly fell in love with the idea of having a pet turtle. I already knew the amount of care and effort you need to put into them but I dont know where i can purchase one. (pet store recommended.)

Can you keep a eastern painted turtle as a pet?

Of course! Many people take care of eastern painted turtles.

What boy from one direction had a pet turtle?

the one direction boy that has a pet turtle is liam

How do you take care of a box turtle?

Click on the 'Box Turtle Care' link on this page to learn how to care for your box turtle.

What is the smallest type of pet turtle?

Box Turtle

How long do you keep a turtle as a pet?

How Long you can keep a Turtle as a petWell, it depends on the turtle type. And how you take care of it. Most tortises can live for almost 160 years. But turtles, not as much. If you take care of it properly, then it will live longer. But if at some time you don't want, or can't take care of it then you would have kept them, what ever months or years, or maybe even weeks. That's all I can try to answer for your Q, glad to help! :)

What do you do when your parents say no for a puppy?

Try to earn their trust pet-wise somehow. Maybe get a smaller pet (hamster, turtle) and take care of that well. Then see about the puppy.

Where can i buy a mini turtle?


How do you get a pet turtle and what does it cost?

You go to the pet shop and buy a turtle for about $50.00 - $100.00. (£20 - £40)

What would be the best pet to have?

if you mean best as in easiest to care for, you should get a fish, or a turtle. in my opinion though, dogs are the best.

What pet does not need that much care?

A pet that does not need too much care is a turtle, fish, and sea monkeys. I have A bud that has a turtle, and she barley has to do anything, and i have 4 fish and a tank of sea monkeys and i barley have to do anything. But, never get a rat. rats need their cages scrubred every week. Good Luck! (maby)

Where can you get a mini pet turtle from?

from the mini turtle storee duhh! oh btw chris was heree :D helllo guysss You can also buy turtles online at certain reputable sites, such as It might be scary, but they will send you a baby turtle to you first class in a well-constructed box designed for moisture and air circulation. Your turtle might be a little shocked the first day, but will be full of spunk before you know it.

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