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Let the new mother of the pups tend her her babies. It's all natural. Be sure the bedding and papers in the box are kept clean and mom has plenty of water and she is eating well.

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Why do the mother eat her puppies when they are born?

Mother dogs do not normally eat their puppies when they are born. If a mother dog does eat her puppy, it is usually because the dog had died.

What happens when one of the unborn puppies dies inside the mother dog will the mother dog and other puppies get poisoned?

the other puppies will be born and the dead puppy will simply just come out.

Are you touch your rottweilers puppies when they are first born?

no you dont not unless you get the mother in another room or if the mother is calm the dog will bite you if you touch its puppies.

In what part of the body are puppies carried?

Puppies are carried in the middle abdomen of a female dog. After the puppies are born, the mother will move the puppies by carrying them by their necks.

Will the mother dog eat her 3 week old puppies?

no she will take care of them until there ready to move on.

The Sims unleashed how do you take care of new born puppies and kittens?

the cat or the dog taking care of it for you

Separate your male dog from your pregnant female dog?

yes!! if udon't then the male could kill the puppies after they are born or he will stress out the mom and she will refuse to have the puppies and the puppies and possibly the mother will die..

How many puppies can a mother dog nurse?

Mother dogs can nurse around 10 puppies.

Can you breed a dog with his mother?

Yes, they don't care if they are bred with there relatives, but it might cause unwanted problems in the puppies.

Why does the mother dog keep laying on her puppies?

Because the puppies get cold.

Why is your dog biting her newborn puppies?

because they are too weak to walk and the mother caries them As soon as the puppies are born, the mother dog will bite away and devour the placenta (birth sac). This may be the behavior you observed.

How does a mother dog take care of her babies?

Our dog (golden retriever) had puppies and she was the best mother ever. She knew how to tell the puppies no with out beingaggressive let your dog put the puppies in their place but don't let her be aggressive mother dogs have a deep growl that the puppies know which means to stop. let her get after them but tell her to be easy, she will more than likely know her limits with her owner. If she does get mean tell her that it's a no no, but other than that the mother should know how to do it all herself.

What is the number of puppies dogs has?

the number of puppies a dog will have depends on the breed, and size of mother dog in question.

How do you care mother dog after her puppies are gone?

The same way you cared for her before the puppies. Make sure she gets food, fresh water and lots of exercise and love.

What happens to the mother dog if puppies are not deliverable?

The mother might die unless the puppies are surgically removed.

Why does a mother dog eat the new born puppies umbilical cord?

They eat everything from the newborns.

How long do you have to wait after the puppies are born to bath the mother?

until puppies are able to eat wet dog food (estimate: i month old)

How do you tell if a dog that's pregnant has had its puppies?

You see the puppies around the mother.

What do you do when a new born puppy is born?

The mother of the puppies should know what to do. But you must remember NOT TO LET OTHER DOGS OR CHILDREN NEAR THE PUPPIES - because if the mother smells another human/dog scent on the puppies she will reject them; she will either eat them or just not look after them.

How do you care for a dog that is pregnant with puppies that are too large for her?

Take her to the local vet and they'll take care of the puppies.

How long does a dog care for a puppy?

A mother dogs cares for her puppy or puppies until 6 weeks, then they must be fully weened from their mother by then, but puppies should still stay with their mother until at least 8 weeks, we just got another litter of puppies, so I would know.

The most puppies born to a dog?

the most puppies that 1 dog can have is 200

What would happen if a son dog haves intercourse with his dog mother?

If the mother dog has puppies, they would be inbred. Which means that the puppies can suffer brain damages and in worst case mutations.

How does a mother dog care for her puppies?

im not sure but my aunt does so ill ask she breeds dogs so ill get back to you on that

Why would a mother dog bite her puppies?

usually the mother dog will only bite the puppies when they are being to rough and show them that biting hurts and they shouldn't bite unless needed,but the mother dog usually does not bite hard :) .

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