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How do you care for a newborn mouse?

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Keep it in a warm area. With some bedding. If it doesn't have any hair, they are very hard to keep alive. You can feed them some kitten milk from the local pet store. They need to be fed a drop or two out of a eye dropper every 2 hours. They need a heating pad set on low. You need to put them in something that they can't craw out of. You will be suprised. They can craw out of small buckets. Do not get any milk in their nose or they will die. That is what happened to my baby hamster. If they get fur and their eyes open. You can then keep them in a fish tank with bedding and a water bottle with some bird seed. If they are that old you should keep them for a week longer and then let them go. If there is a male and a female the mice will multiply fast. Mine had 3 litters in a week. They have up to 7 mice per litter. And it is very very hard to tell if they are males or females. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

If it has a mother then she will do all the work, but if it is an orphan, a newborn mouses first danger is the cold. Mice are born naked and need to be kept warm. But the mouse in a warm container with soft materiel such as cotton wool or bedding on the inside. Have a heat pad or lamp keeping it warm. Feed the baby kitten milk replacement formula about every hour with an eyedropper. As it grows older and begins to grow fur (ten days) you can start offering it solids, try some soft bread, perhaps try soaking it in the milk formula. The mouse will be weaned at three weeks, and will be independent. If you want to keep it, buy a cage, toys, food, a water bottle, and bedding. You may also need to buy your mouse a buddy, when you can tell the mouse's gender, try and get a mouse of the same age and gender. Mice are social creatures and may because very sad if they don't have a buddy. Also give the mice different nest making material. Mice adore making their sleeping nest bigger, better and more comfy, so put shredded paper and paper towel, fabric and other such things. Good luck with your mouse!

hi every1 i would just like to correct some of the things said above (wasn't me). 1st of all you should never wean baby mice earlier than 4 weeks old to the exact day of birth. females can't get pregnant until theyre 4 weeks old so at 4 weeks old wean the males (which another thing are really easy to sex) keep the baby girls in with the mothers (if u have their mum) because although they can be weaned at 4 weeks old it is better for females to stay in with the mother untill they are 5 to 6 weeks old. always give the mumy mouse a minimum of 4 weeks break from breeding AFTER she has weaned her pups as it can kill mumy mice,shorten their lifespan and their babies or can cause a real weak mummy and babys. always cull down males aka put them in a container in the freezer its a sad thing but they fall asleep before they die (don't feel a thing). culling the males down will increase the chances of the others surviving,gives them more milk which helps them be healthier plus males are harder to sell better to do it in a way where they can't feel any pain than not being able to rehome them and have them and the other males rip each other to shreds which they will do. also the only way for mice to have 3 or more litters in a week is if there is 3 or more females pregnant at the same time. please for any other information on mice just email me on i am a mice breeder and also have experience with rats

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How do you care for a newborn mouse with no mother?

You can feed it puppy formula and keep it warm,but not overheat!

How do you take care of a newborn mice?

You don't touch them and just let the mother mouse handle it.

Will your adult rats care for a newborn mouse?

most likely they wont but it depends on the breed of the rat

What do you feed a Newborn mouse or newborn rat brought home by cat?

If you care about it , you can feed it warm puppy or kittens milk using an eyedrop bottle.

If there is no bedding how do you care of a newborn mouse?

you can get a febreze swiffer duster head and put it in a soda cardboard container

What do you call a newborn mouse?

A mini-mouse.

How do you take good care newborn baby mouse with no mommy?

watch it every day, feed it, even take it outside!

What is the medical term meaning specialist in the care of the newborn?

A neonatologist is a specialist in the care of the newborn.

How often do you feed a newborn mouse?

A newborn mouse must be fed every two hours until it is weaned without fail or it will have health problems and may die. Newborn mice, or pinkies as they are commonly called, are difficult to care for and not for beginners. If you would like a baby mouse, get one that is already weaned, commonly called a hopper.Here is an excellent video on feeding baby mice. Note that the mouse in the video is already nine days old, and is no longer a pinkie (newborn) but a fuzzy (essentially a toddler).

What is a mother mouse called?

A female mouse is called a doe, a male mouse is a buck, and newborn mice are pinkies.

When can you touch your newborn baby mouse?

No you can not touch a newborn baby mouse tomuch unless the eyes are open P.S feed a baby abandond mouse condensed milk worm up in microwave for 8 seconds and use sorinj

How do you feed a newborn mouse?

You can feed it using an eyedrop bottle.

How do you warm a newborn mouse?

i have one, and i put it under a lamp

How do you tell the difference between a newborn mouse and a newborn squirrel?

You have to look at the tail. Squirrels have bushy tails. mouses have thin tails.

Is a baby koala as big as a mouse?

No. A newborn koala joey is nowhere near the size of a mouse. In fact, even though adult koalas are very much bigger than adult mice, a koala joey when first born is about the size of a newborn baby mouse.

What has the author Patricia W Ladewig written?

Patricia W. Ladewig has written: 'Contemporary Maternal Newborn Nursing Care + Clinical Handbook for Contemporary Maternal-newborn Nursing Value Pack' 'Contemporary Maternal Newborn Nursing Care + Blackboard Bunpack Value Pack' 'Contemporary Maternal Newborn Nursing Care + Contemporary Maternal-newborn Nursing Care Workbook + Clinical Handbook for Contemporary Maternal-newborn Nursing Value Pack' 'Contemporary maternal-newborn nursing care' -- subject(s): Handbooks, Handbooks, manuals, Handbooks, manuals, etc, Maternal-Child Nursing, Maternity nursing 'Essentials of Maternal Newborn Nursing/Student Workbook'

How do you take care of a newborn puppy?

Feed it

What are the needs of newborn bunny?

warmth and care

Can newborn polar bears care for themselves?


How long can a newborn mouse stay away from its mother?

Until it is eaten by the cat!

How much does a baby mice weigh?

On average a newborn mouse weighs 1g.

What is a mice birth weight?

The weight of a newborn mouse is 1-2 g.

How do you treat a newborn baby?

Love and tender care! That is how you care for all children.

How do yo take care of newborn rabbits?

Aside from checking to make sure there are no dead babies you should leave the mother to take care of the newborn babies.

How can you care for a wild mouse?

peanut butter and a mouse trap....