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Goldfish are egg laying fish, so they do not get pregnant.

Unless there is a male in your tank, the female either may not release her eggs at all & simply reabsorb them, or if there is a male, and he chases the female to convince her to release her eggs, some of those eggs may become fertilized.

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Q: How do you care for a pregnant goldfish?
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Is a pregnant goldfish called pregnant goldfish?

Goldfish don't get pregnant.

Are goldfish bad for pregnant ladies?

You can continue to keep, and care for goldfish while pregnant. Goldfish are not edible, at least not to humans, so as long as you are not eating them, you will be fine.If you mean the goldfish crackers, then those are just fine to eat as well.

What is a pregnant goldfish called?

Goldfish don't get pregnant.

How big can a pregnant goldfish get?

Goldfish do not get pregnant. They are egg layers.

How could you tell if your goldfish is pregnant?

Goldfish are egg laying fish and do not get pregnant

How long can a goldfish is penant?

I think you are trying to ask how long is a goldfish pregnant. The answer to that is goldfish are egg layers and that means they can not get pregnant.

Would a goldfish hide away if it was pregnant?

Goldfish are egg laying fish and do not get pregnant

How do you look after a pregnant goldfish?

All types of goldfish are egg laying fish, as such, they do not get pregnant

Can you have other types of fish in your tank while one of your goldfish is pregnant?

Goldfish do not get pregnant.

How do the parent goldfish take care of their babies?

does goldfish take care of their young

Show Photo of pregnant goldfish?

There are no pictures of pregnant goldfish available because the reproduction of goldfish does not, at any stage, involve pregnancy.

How long do goldfish stay pregnant?

Goldfish lay eggs and the eggs are fertilised outside the body. So Goldfish don't get pregnant.

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