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put them in a separate tank from bigger fish

there are many websites you can look at

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 23:47:57
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Q: How do you care for baby fish?
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What do you do with your baby fish?

You will take care of the baby fish

Is there a fish game like howrse?

Bratz fish tank. It's kind of fun. You get to take care of fish and sell them and have baby fish.

How much does a fish give parental care to its baby after birth?

by dying in water

How do you care for baby betta fish?

You feed it and care for it also when its 29 days old feed it brine shrimp.

Does a clown fish take care of its baby?

of course they do haven't you seen finding nemo?

How do you take care of a baby fish?

just start of with little bits of fish food then start giving it more so then your fish will know when its feeding time is

How do you take care of a wild baby fish?

It is best not to own a baby fish. They will die more quickly, and will have a very unhappy life. It is basically useless to put effort into housing a wild fish, but if you will. It depends on how big, and what species.

What does the mommy penguin do wihle the daddy takes care of the baby?

they go fishing well for fish

Can a baby fish have baby's?

no a baby fish cant have a baby

IS A MINO a fish or a baby fish?

Minnows are a type of fish. Baby fish are called fry.

How do you care for a Japanese baby?

You care for a Japanese baby the same way that you care for any other baby.

How do you take care of baby snails?

Taking care of a snail will require building it a habitat. You can use a fish tank lined with potting soil and branches for crawling.

What do penguins do in the spring?

fish for food to their new born baby penguins or take care of the new born penguins

A baby fish is called?

Baby fish are called fry.

What do you call the baby fish?

The baby fish are called Guppies.

What is a baby fish know as?

A baby fish is known as a fry.

What is a baby zebra fish called?

A baby zebra fish...

What are a bunch of baby fish called?

A group of baby fish would be called a "Shoal of Fry". A baby fish is a Fry

Are fish easy to care for?

yes fish are easy to care for since all you have to do is feed them clean a tank and care for it i have a betta fish which is SO EASY to care for

What do you call the baby of the fish?

baby fish are called fry, young fish are fingerlings and fish eggs are roe.

What is the correct name for a baby fish?

Baby fish are called fry.

What is another name for baby fish?

Baby fish are known as fry.

What do you call baby fish?

The correct term for baby fish is Fry

What do baby bull snakes eat?

mice rats reptile creatures bugs and worms fish and i dont care really

How do you take care of a pregnant crab?

you wash it with a damp warm rag and keep it in 65 degrees Fahrenheit and have baby fish for it to it