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Assuming that Home Security had its home office in Durham, NC, the company merged into Monumental Life Insurance Company. Your first step may best be to contact Monumental to determine that the policy remains in force.

If the policy was a whole life policy (meaning that it accumulated cash value), you may be able to borrow some or all of the cash value if you are the owner of the policy. This assumes that the policy remains in force. That may be a big assumption. If cash value had accumulated but no premiums were paid for a long time, the policy may have "survived" by having premiums paid from the cash value.

You should contact Monumental directly, or a Monumental agent, for specific information.

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Q: How do you cash in a policy with Home Security Life from 1956?
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You can get loan by mortgaging your life insurance policy as security or lien from bank or financial institution. The policy has to be assigned in their favor. Once you repay the loan with interest, the policy will reassigned in your favor.

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Yes what happened to Home Security Life Ins Co in Durham NC?

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Can you have a life insurance policy if you receive social security?

You can you need to pay the premiums yourself. However you cannot have income from a life insurance policy that has been paid to you as that is declarable.

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How do you file a death claim for a Durham Life Policy Contact Info?

Apparently they merged into People's Security, and then People's Security merged into Monumental Life. So I hope if the policy was still inforce, that Monumental Life below can help you (go to their website). they merged with another company in 1995:

What is a permanent life policy?

A permanent Life policy is Whole Life or Universal Life. It builds a cash value. When deciding which is best for you consider this, Term insurance is like renting a home, Permanent is like buying the home. 4lifeguild

What happened to home security life insurance company?

Home Security Life Insurance Company of Durham, N.C. ultimately merged into Monumental Life Insurance Company (toll free: 800-638-3080).

How do you find life insurance policy with social security number?

The only way to find a person or deceased Life Insurance policy with a Social Security number is to know the name of the company that issued the policy. With that information, the beneficiary can contact the Life Insurance company and search his policy with his Social Security number. Please keep in mind that if you do not have a signed sealed death certificate the policy benefits will not be issued. Also, the death benefit will only be issued to the person named as the beneficiary. So if someone else besides the named beneficiary on the policy tries to receive the benefits, it would be impossible.

What is an annual premium for life insurance?

Single Premium Life Insurance policy is good for those who can pay a lumpsum in a single stroke. Like conventional life insurance policies, this policy too provides a security umbrella to the policy holder until the full policy term. Buy Single Premium Life Insurance Policy : insuringindia ‪#‎SPLPolicy‬ ‪#‎LifeInsurance‬ @insuringindia

What happens when father purchase life insurance policy through funeral home dies and then funeral home discovers the policy has been cashed in and now sueing son for costs?

If you ordered the services then you will probably be responsible for the costs. Obviously the father had cashed in the policy and it's not the responsibility of the funeral home to make sure the policy is there. Funerals are mostly paid by people out of their policy and not by specific life policies.

What can I do if my moms name is misspelled on her life insurance policy with the correct social security number?

The insurance policy should have the company's name on the front cover. Get the number and call the national home office number, or the local office if you can find it. An agent will prepare a revised copy.

What happened to Home Security Life Insurance Company located in Durham NC?

Home Security Life Insurance Company located in Durham, N.C. ultimately merged into Monumental Life Insurance Company (toll free: 800-638-3080).

How do you perfect a security interest in a life insurance policy?

Filing a financing statement on the policy is not required. Revised Article 9 does not apply to security interests in life insurance policies. See Revised Art. 9, Section 9-109(d)(8). The security interest in the policy is perfected by filing the assignment with the insurance company. OCU Law Professor Alvin Harrell, in his book "The Law of Personal Property Secured Transactions," suggests that "it may also be desirable to obtain possession of the policy itself."

Can a person have life insurance policy other than his country?

Yea, a Non Resident person can have life policy in his/her home country vis a vis in present living- in country.

How can I find life insurance policy by social security number?

go to company wab site and enter the code and find that

What are some of the factors that a bank will consider when it receives a life policy to be taken as security?

The bank will look at the type of policy (whole life, universal Life or term) the face amount and any available cash value. The beneficiary must be revocable so that it can be assigned to the bank.

Is beneficiary information on life policy a public record?

No it is not. The beneficiary information is listed on the policy and with the home office of the insurance company, but there is no reporting of it elsewhere.

What is the executor on a life insurance policy?

The Policy Holder of a life insurance policy is the executor of the said policy.

How do I find out about a 10-m-special whole life policy that was taken out with durham life insurance company and is paid in full?

Find out in what state the life insurance policy was taken out in. Call the Insurance regulator of that state and ask them how to get the number for Durham Life Insurance. Call them and give them the policy number or the Social Security number of the Insured. They should be able to assist you.

Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company where is home page?

I want to see if I can cash in my policy

Can you use money from term life policy to purchase a home?

Yes, if you are the beneficiary, you can use the life insurance benefit for any purpose.

Is there a clause in a life insurance policy that pays for a home if the owner dies?

It would be possible to write an insurance policy that way if you wanted to, however, normally a life insurance policy pays a fixed amount of money (known as the death benefit) to a chosen beneficiary. If the beneficiary then wished to use that money to pay for a home, that could be done.

It is not important to have a life insurance policy.?

It is not important to have a life insurance policy.