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what is the phone# for home security life ins co. of durham, nc

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Q: Yes what happened to Home Security Life Ins Co in Durham NC?
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What happened to Home Security Life Insurance Company located in Durham NC?

Home Security Life Insurance Company located in Durham, N.C. ultimately merged into Monumental Life Insurance Company (toll free: 800-638-3080).

What happened to home security life insurance company?

Home Security Life Insurance Company of Durham, N.C. ultimately merged into Monumental Life Insurance Company (toll free: 800-638-3080).

What happened to peoples security life insurance company in durham North Carolina?

Have a Peoples Security Life Ins policy. Need a # to call

Preparing for an appeal in a DUI case?

What happened to Security Home Life Insurance Co, Springfield, MO

How do I find out about a 10-m-special whole life policy that was taken out with durham life insurance company and is paid in full?

Find out in what state the life insurance policy was taken out in. Call the Insurance regulator of that state and ask them how to get the number for Durham Life Insurance. Call them and give them the policy number or the Social Security number of the Insured. They should be able to assist you.

Where can a deal be found on wireless home security?

Some great deals on wireless home security can be found at Life Shield. They have low prices on security systems and rates to maintain and monitor your house.

Is your policy with Durham Life still active?


How do you file a death claim for a Durham Life Policy Contact Info?

Apparently they merged into People's Security, and then People's Security merged into Monumental Life. So I hope if the policy was still inforce, that Monumental Life below can help you (go to their website). they merged with another company in 1995:

Where can one go to purchase home security video equipment?

There are a number of online retailers which sell home security video equipment. These include ADT, AT&T, Vivint, Front Point Security, Protect America, and Life Shield Security.

Where is the Museum Of Life And Science in Durham North Carolina located?

The address of the Museum Of Life And Science is: 433 W Murray Ave, Durham, NC 27704-3101

What companies offer home security systems?

Several companies offer home security systems like Protect America and Vivint. More popular companies include ADT, Life Shield, and Front Point Security.

What companies make home security systems?

There are several home security system companies out there today. Some are Protect America, Vivint, Simplisafe and Life Shield. One can look in the local directory or phone book under the term home security for a list of local companies.

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