Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

How do you catch Dragonite LeafGreen?

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u can catch it on route 103

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Where on emelald can you find a shiny Dragonite?

You cannot catch a Dratini or Dragonite in the wild in Emerald, to get one you must trade with FireRed or LeafGreen

How do you get dragonite in firered?

first go to the safari zone then catch a dratini or a dragonair if you catch a dratini then evolve it into a dragonair then at lv. 55 it evolves into dragonite. If you catch a dragonair lv. it up to lv. 55 then it evolves into dragonite. note : only works for firered and leafgreen

How do you get a dragonite on sapphire?

First you need to catch dratini or trade one from firered/leafgreen. Train it to level 36 to get a dragonair then train it to level 55 to get dragonite.

What level does dragonite evolve in LeafGreen?

dragonite doesnt evolve

Where you can catch Dragonite in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Dragonite cannot be caught in Leaf Green. However Dratini and if you're even luckier Dragonair can be found in Safari Zone with a Super Rod.

What level you get dragonite at in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Dragonair evolves into Dragonite at level 55.

Which is the best dragon Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

dragonite is the strongest dragon there is in leafgreen

How do you get a Dragonite in pokemon leafgreen?

You have to evole from Dratini and Dragonair. I don't know of a way to catch him in the wild.the way you can catch is go to the safari zone and use the super rod in the water.

Can you catch Dragonite in Pokemon Sapphire?

No if you want one you will need to trade a dratini from firered or leafgreen to sapphire then train it to level 55 OR purify the shadow dragonite in Pokemon xd gale of darkness then trade it to sapphire.

When does Dragonite evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

dragonair evolves at lv 55 but dragonite doesnt evolve

Can you get Dragonite in Sapphire?

No, you would have to get one from FireRed/LeafGreen/XD.

Draginite Pokemon LeafGreen?

Dragonite is the last evolution of Dratini.

Can you catch mareep in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can not catch it in leafgreen,but in firered you can.

Can you catch dragonite in Pokemon SoulSilver?

to get dragonite you have to evolve dragonair at lvl 55. that's the only way to get dragonite.

How does Dragonite learn Draco meteor in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It can't learn that move cause it doesn't exist in leafgreen.

How do you catch Dragonite?

you cant, you have to evolve it

Can you catch Dragonite in Pokemon ruby?

ummmm,., u can't get dragonite right away,.,. you catch dratini in leader brock place

What goodstrong move can you teach your Dragonite in Pokemon LeafGreen?

hyper beam

What is the most powerful Pokemon in leafgreen?


Catch Dragonite in Pokemon Black?

No you can't catch a Dragonite in Pokemon Black you need to trade him from Heart Gold,but instead u can catch a Dratini from Dragonspiral Tower

Where can you catch Dragonite in pokemon leafgreen?

You can catch Drgonair in the Safari Zone in the water, with a super rod, but it will only have about 1/200 chace of it apearing and it usualy runs away; or you can catch a dratini in the same area with a higher catch and apearence rate. or buy it at the Celedon game corner for 4600 coins and levle Dratini up to 30 then it will evolve into Dragonair and at level 55 it will evolve again to a Dragonite. hope this helps ^_^

How do you catch a toros in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant get toros on leafgreen you need to catch one on firered and trade it to leafgreen

Where is Dragonite on Pokemon Yellow?

Sorry to say you can not just catch dragonite you have to evolve him the hard way.

How do you catch pocheana and Dragonite?

Dragonite is available by evolving Dragonair and poocheana is available in platunium by chaining.

What is the best dragon type LeafGreen?

i thin it is dragonite because he has such a variety of moves.

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