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How do you catch Lugia and Hoho in Pokemon Emerald?

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Catching Lugia and Hoho

If you want Lugia you`ll have to go to the right when you get to split halls. But if you want Ho oh you`ll have to go to the left.


if you have a ticket you can use it to go to Navel Rock . Once you get the choice of two paths if you want to have the flamin' hot Hoho take the path to the left. If you want the splashin' cool Lugia go to the path on your right.

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How do you catch Lugia and Hoho in Pokemon Ruby?

you don' trade them......

How do you catch hoho in emerald?

To get ho-ho or lugia you will need to get the mystic ticket from the Pokemon events and take the ferry to navel island.

Can you catch hoho in Pokemon HeartGold?

Yes. You will be able to find Hoho on top of the bell tower after you have the rainbow wing and the clear bell and you can get lugia too

Where do you catch Hoho in Pokemon Silver?

You can catch Hoho at night.

How do you get hoho on Pokemon Platinum?

you cant get hoho beacose there is law in Pokemon platinum that say that hoho is bad and he was vanisht forever but i really do think that hoho sucks lugia is actually stronger.

Where do you get ledgedery Pokemon?

If you are talking about Hoho, Lugia, etc... then you will need a cheat.

Where can you see HOHO on Pokemon emerald?

navel rock

How do you get hoho in Pokemon emerald?

first you have to use cut on all the grass in the game then hoho will come and attake you.

How do you get Lugia and hoho?

You can get Lugia from playing Pokemon XD and Ho-Oh from playing Pokemon Collesium. Then you can trade them from there to Sapphire and then move them to the Pal Park in Diamond.

Where can you spend bp on Pokemon diamond?

on top of the tower but must have a lugia and hoho or thee thre dog pokemon.

How do you catch hoho on emerald?

It is Ho-Oh and you cannot catch it on a gameboy you need an emulator on a PC to catch it and even with that you need cheats.

How do you get Dialga in Pokemon gold?

Dialga does not exist in Pokemon gold. only hoho and possibly suicine and lugia (pardon the misspellings)

What is a better Pokemon Lugia or hoho?

i say they are same because lugia has more speed then ho-ho but ho-ho has more power and lugia also lugia better looking but does not matter of the looks

What legendary besides Kyogre Raquaza Groudon can you catch in emerald with out a game shark or going to an event?

Registeel,Regirock,Regice,and Latios/Latias registeel,regirock,regice,latias.latios,deoxys,lugia,hoho,groudon,kyogre,rayquaza,and you can trade from Pokemon sapphire/ruby.HINT FIND THE SECRET ISLANDS.

What leandary Pokemon are in red?

mewtwo, articuuno, zapdos, moltres, and you can go on gamecube for trading lugia and hoho and celebi

What are all of the legendary Pokemon that you can get in soul silver?

Abandoned tower hoho sefoam islands lugia and others hop around

Lugia and hoho?

They are in trophy garden honest its the truth

How many Pokemon rare in Pokemon Silver?

there are only 8 rare Pokemon in soul silver (articuno,zapdose,lugia,entay,hoho,rioku,moltress,suikune)

How do you git hoho on pearl?

you cant. well play Pokemon colessum and beat the 100 trainer thing or whatever, catch it, put it in emerald or ruby or whatever and pal park it to pearl.

How do you catch a hoho in Pokemon platinum?

you need to migrate it from one of those original games

Where do you catch hoho in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Ho-Oh is a special event Pokemon who can be caught when you obtain a Mystic Ticket and travel to Navel Rock. Of course, you can always play Pokemon Colosseum (for GameCube) and transfer Ho-Oh to LeafGreen. If you mean Hoothoot, the owl Pokemon (known as Hoho in Japanese), it cannot be caught in Pokemon LeafGreen. You must trade for one from Emerald, as it is caught there in the Safari Zone.

Who would win in a fight hoho or Lugia?

Assuming you mean Ho-oh or Lugia, Lugia would win because he's a Psychic type and could control Ho-oh. And if you mean Hoho junk food, Lugia would still win.

Do you need the legendary Pokemon for SoulSilver?

Yes you need Groudon, and kyorgre to get rayqaza You need lugia to get hoho thats all i know of

How many master balls can you get in soulsilver?

1 because you need to catch hoho/lugia but if you have action replay you can get 999x hope this was what you were looking for by dgamer297 :D

How do you catch hoho in pokemon heartgold?

With some kind of pokeball. Maybe you should have asked how to find/get to ho-oh instead and not how to catch it.