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How do you catch Lugia on Pokemon Platinum?


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you have a cack then it appears


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I have beat that game and I have not caught Lugia, but you can catch it in Pokemon SoulSilver.

You can't. It is not available on Pokemon Platinum.

To Catch Lugia You'll Need A Action Replay.

no you can't capture lugia in platinum, the only way to get him is to either migrate or mystery gift sorry

Unfortunately, you cannot catch Lugia on Platinum. You have to use a cheat, or trade.

You can not get Lugia on Pokemon Platinum sorry :c sad face By the way, this is about Lugia not mew. you need an action replay to get Lugia otherwise you can't get Lugia on Pokemon Platinum.

You can't get Shadow Lugia in Pokemon Platinum.

Shadow Lugia is not available in Pokemon Platinum.

I think so. Because I did but with cheats.

You can't catch a Lugia in pokémon platinum. If you would get a Lugia on platinum you should link it.

You don't. Shadow Lugia is not available in Pokemon Platinum.

You don't. Shadow Lugia is not available on Pokemon Platinum.

You cannot get a Shadow Lugia in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, or any other DS / GBA game, only in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, and you have to purify it.

You cannot find Lugia in Pokémon Platinum.

Lugia cannot be caught in platinum you would either have to trade with someone or use pal park

You can't unless you have silver,soul silver or action replay [with silver and soul silver you must capture lugia then for soul silver trade and for silver, I'm not 100% sure but you migrate lugia to platinum and catch it at pal park.

You must have him on a gameboy Pokemon game and migrate him over to Platinum or to pearl/diamond and then trade to platinum.

You can't catch a Lugia anywhere in Pokemon Diamond.

Sorry. You cannot obtain Lugia in Platinum. You have to trade it from HGSS.

You cannot find Lugia in Pokémon Platinum.

I don't know anyone that has one {I wish I did}, but I know how to get one. Get the game Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, catch Lugia, trade it on a GBA Pokemon game, and if you have Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum, Migrate Lugia and 5 other Pokemon.

No, you can only catch lugia in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. But you can catch Ho-oh in Colosseum.

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