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How do you catch Mewtwo without a Master Ball?

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find mewtwo in cerulean cave. once found save then battle and keep on throwing it with pokeballs, greatballs and ultraballs until it is caught.

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How do you catch Mewtwo eazy?

You can catch Mewtwo easily by using a Master Ball on it or by using an Ultra Ball on it after lowering its HP.

Can you catch Mewtwo in soul silver without a master ball?

since you're in a cave,i could recommend a dusk ball.

What pokeball do you catch Mewtwo with?

I prefer to use my Master Ball for Mewtwo, but at least use an Ultra Ball.

Which ball should you use to catch Mewtwo with Pokemon LeafGreen?

Master Ball

What do you need to do to catch Mewtwo in FireRed?

You can probaly catch him with a ultra ball but I would use the master ball

Other ways to catch Mewtwo?

master ball ultra ball quick ball or a premier ball

Whats the easiest way to catch Mewtwo on Firered?

With a master ball.

How do you catch Mewtwo to Pokemon white version?

Throw a Master Ball at it.

How can you catch Mewtwo?

Well it matters what game you have, if you have Pokemon fire red, you can catch it with a master ball

Who do you who is the master ball for in Pokemon LeafGreen?

to catch suicune,mewtwo,raikou and entei

Can you catch Mewtwo without a masterball?

Yes, i caught him with a master ball but one of friends caught him with a dusk ball and one caught him with a timer ball. So try those.

Can you cath Mewtwo without a master ball?

You could if you were to damage Mewtwo or cause status problems to him... I recommend a Ultra Ball.

How do instantly catch Mewtwo?

The only sure way to instantly catch any Pokemon is with a Master Ball.

To catch a mewtwo in Pokemon leafgreen which pokeballs are suteable instead of an master ball?

Try to get a ultra ball

What pokeball do you use to catch Mewtwo?

a master ball preferably but any ball will work with a bit of luck

What to do in firered if you can't catch Mewtwo?

Since Mewtwo is in a cave, try using Dusk balls. If it doesn't work, Master ball. If you already used the Master ball, then buy as many Dusk balls as you can and try to catch it. If your patient enough, try catching Mewtwo with full health.

What kind of ball can you use to catch Lugia and Mewtwo in HeartGold not including the Master ball I've heard both are level 70 so how should I catch them?

if you dont wanna waste your master ball, then the strongest ball will be the Ultra Ball...

Can you catch Mewtwo with an ultra ball?

Yes. It is completely possible to catch Mewtwo with an ultra ball.

Can you catch arceus without a master ball?


In Pokemon fire red should you use your master ball on Suicune or Mewtwo?

Use you masterball on suicune because its impossible to catch it without a masterball it would just flee i cuaght mewtwo with a great ball but make sure you have lots of them.

What should you catch with the master ball?

If the Pokemon Game you are playing is Red or Yellow, then catch Mewtwo with it. If the Pokemon Game you are playing is Crystal, then clone your master ball and catch Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Ho-oh and Lugia.

Can you catch mew without a master ball?

I'm not quite sure what your talking about, but I would have to say that you would not have to catch it in a Master Ball.

How do you catch a pokemon with a poke ball without failing?

A master ball.

I cant catch mewtwo with my Tyranitar he killed him 3 times in a row what should i catch him with?

master ball if you havent already used it.

What is the catch ratio of Mewtwo?

3 or 0.4% throwing a poke ball at full health it's better to use a master ball.