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Q: How do you catch Pokemon easier?
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Can attract help you catch a legendary pokemon easier?


Is there an easier way to catch Suicune in Pokemon fire red?

Use a Master ball on Suicune but there is an easier way get Suicune. Catch a Pokemon who has the ability of spell tag.

What buttons make it easier to catch pokemon?

no buttons actually make it easier all it is is chance or if you have one a master ball will always catch but any pokemon fan knows that

Which is easier to recruit Palkia or Dialga?

Dialga is easier to catch Palkia is a bit tougher to catch but Pokemon level 75 will do the trick.

How can you catch Lugia in Pokemon Crystal?

Easy catch it with a poke ball or to catch it easier use master ball

How do you catch Pokemon easier you SoulSilver?

when the pokeball does the third roll thing say "gotcha" into the mic. or... Paraylism or Sleep will make the catch easier!

How do you catch Palkia in Pokemon white?

you cannot catch it. but you may be able to catch it with action replay. the easier way is to trade.

What does a nest ball in Pokemon do?

The Nest Ball makes it easier to catch Pokemon of a low level.

What does a repeat ball do?

Makes it easier to catch an already caught Pokemon.

How do you mate a pokemon in HeartGold?

You can catch the same Pokemon again but opposite gender, or you could catch a ditto and breed them that way. Ditto breeding is easier.

How do you catch Pokemon in the safari zone on diamond?

with a safari ball. it will make it easier to catch a Pokemon by throwing mud at it but will be more likely to flee. it will make it more difficult to catch a Pokemon by using bait, but the Pokemon will most likely not flee.

Does going near a wild Pokemon in the Safari Zone make it easier to catch?


What are the hardest Pokemon to catch in Pokemon?

Most legendary Pokemon (with some exceptions - mascot legendaries, in recent games, tend to be easier than other legendary Pokemon to catch due to being necessary to catch in order to advance the story), along with Beldum, Metang, and Metagross. These Pokemon have a catch rate of 3, the lowest catch rate in the games.

How do you catch Snorlax in Pokemon FireRed?

Snorlax can be a tough Pokemon to capture using ultra balls will make it easier.

Is there a easyer way to catch wurmple?

Using a net ball to catch wurmple and other bug type Pokemon is easier.

Can you catch wailmer by surfing in Pokemon emerald?

Yes, you can. Though it's much easier and faster to catch a Wailmer by fishing.

How do you catch paras in Pokemon diamond?

Migrate from FireRed. It's easier to get Paras in THAT game.

Can you catch the lake Pokemon with any pokeball?

Yes its recommended though to use a pokeball that makes it easier to catch lake Pokemon like a net ball or lure ball.

How do you catch a Pokemon easily?

Weaken it and put it to sleep, then use an Ultra Ball. There is no real button combination that makes Pokemon easier to catch, although it doesn't hurt to try stuff. ^_^

Where do you can find Mewtwo?

cerulean cave Pokemonheartgold/soulsilver catch him with a dusk ball (easier)

In Pokemon firered how do you catch Articuno easier without using a masterball?

when you find that Pokemon if you have a master ball with you use a pokeball and you will capture it

How do you get any Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

you by some pokeballs at the pokemart and then you go in the grass fields and battle the pokemon. try to gey the pookemon down to red then it is easier to catch the pokemon

Does sandstorm make it easier to catch Pokemon?

no, It does increase rock-types' Sp. Def. by a factor of 1.5 and increase the evasiveness of pokemon with the sand veil ability, but has no effect on catch rate either

Is there an easier way to catch Pokemon in platinum?

Well, I'm not quite sure if this actually helps, but I hold down the B button and press the A button repeatedly after throwing a pokeball. When I do this I tend to catch Pokemon more often, but be sure to weaken the Pokemon before attempting to catch it.

How do you catch Pokemon easier on Pokemon Yellow?

You can try weakening the Pokémon by attacking it or giving it a status condition, or you can use Pokéballs of better quality.