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How do you catch all the Pokemon in Emerald using cheats?

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you have to do any Nintendo event where you get the Pokemon, and trade and catch for the rest.

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Except by using cheats, you can NOT catch Celebi in Pokemon Emerald.

It is not possible to catch Mew is Pokémon Emerald version without using cheats. The only way to get it would be to trade.

You must have a preordered Pokemon Colosseum disk. Or Pokemon Channel in Australia, Etc. Look it up.

These cheats must be entered using a gameshark in the vba of the emerald rom...u will find the link in the 'relative links' below the answer...have fun..:)

Well To Catch Mewtwo On Pokemon Emerald You Need To Use Action Replay I suggest Using The 999x Masterball Cheat Hope This Helped

basically nothing, unless you are using cheats, because some cheats require r to work

In Pokemon Emerald players can find the Luvdisc on Route 128. Players can also fish from them using a super rod.

You can't catch it using Poke Balls, 'cause it is'nt in Pokemon Emerald... But you can trade with other players, of other versions of the game...

Cheats. If you're using emulator, go search for GameShark Codes Emerald and click or something like that.

you cant catch it you have to get it from a friend that has Pokemon black or get from a gts tradeYou can't the only way to get Tornadus in Pokemon White is by using cheats or by trading it from Pokemon Black.

I havn't played Pokemon Emerald for a while but I think you can find one by using the old rod in almost any body of water.

U get them oly using cheats...but u can get cyndaquil,totodile,chikorita in emerald...after u complete the national dex....

You cannot catch Kyogre native in Pokemon Diamond. You must import the mighty Kyogre from Emerald or Sapphire using Pal Park.

You have to migrate Lugia from a GBA game and catch it at Pal Park. This is the way to do it without using cheats like Action Replay.

you can using cheats,trade or using pal park but without 1 of those 3 u cant

Arceus cannot be caught legitimately in ANY pokemon game.

unless you can trade for starters you are good you can catch them in the wild except the starters and if you are using vba you will have to find a code for that starter.

You can catch them on Iron Island once you have the National Pokedex. You get this by seeing all the Pokemon on the Sinnoh Pokedex.

Transfer the Pokemon from firered, catch it with a fishing rod, raise it from a tentacool, or track it down using your pokedex then catch it/ swim around until the preform pops up or it does.

You can capture wailmer in ruby, sapphire and emerald on most routes where water is you can find either by using a rod or by using surf.