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How do you celebrate Three Kings Day?


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My family goes to Tennessee with family and we have a meal, play games, and open presents. Some families though dont celebrate it. They are missing out.

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the countries which celebrate "three kings day" are "those countries which celebrate christamas".I feel that all countries celebrate christamas.the twelth day after Christmas is the "three kings day".It is the 6th of January . But it is mostly Mexico.

Three Kings Day in Panama is celebrated by parades. Three Kings Day is celebrated on January 6th of each year.

To celebrate all three of the kings.The Three Kings day is celebarated becasue it is elebrated i dont know why.

battles of boyuca labor day and three kings day

They celebrate the day of the three kings, day of the dead, and much more.

maybe they just want to party

Christmas, three kings day, New years, and MORE

You will probably celebrate Three Kings Day but I'm not sure.

The night of the January 5th and open the presents the 6th in the morning

Three Kings Day is when the Three Kings that gave Jesus the three gifts, come and give children three gifts. Mostly only spanish people celebrates this. three Kings Day is on the sixth of January, twelve days after Christmas. most people usually leave their stockings and Christmas trees up for this event.the spanish way of saying three kings day is dia de los Reyes.

Panamanians celebrate Three Kings Day on January 6. It is the culmination of Christmas festivities. Many take their Christmas trees to the beach. They set the trees on fire and close out the celebration of the holidays.

The feast of the three kings.

the three kings created three kings day when they gave baby jesus presents

Three Kings Day. Called Epiphany in English. The day we celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Bethlehem.

January 6 is the day of the Epiphany or Three Kings celebration; it is the day when Mexican people exchange presents.

because its the arrival of the three kings...... in France

Three kings day was celebrated on january the 6th

It is the day when Mexicans exchange Christmas presents.

three kings day is celebrated by honoring the kings who bought us baby jesus

I deleted the answer of the other person cause it didn't say much.Christmas EveChristmas Daythe Day of the Three Kings

Yes they actually do. It is celebrated around Christmas time and January 6 of the New Years.

Three Kings Day is celebrated all over the world. But mainly in Mexico.

The kids polish their shoes, fill them with grass for the kings' camels and leave them right outside the door. The following morning, they find gifts in their shoes left there by the three kings. It is traditional to eat a bread called rosca de reyes.

The Feast of the Epiphany is the day of the celebration of the three wise men, whom I assume you refer to as the three kings.

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