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The brake rotor can be changed by lifting the van and securing it. Take the tire off. remove the brake caliper by taking the two bolts out that retain it. They should be 3/8 Allen head bolts. The brake caliper should lift off. On some models, the brake rotor will now slide right off. Other models require going further. Remove the dust cap and cotter pin on the spindle. Unscrew the retaining nut and slide the outer bearing off. The whole hub assembly will slide off. Drive the inner bearing and seal out. If your having it turned, leave the races in the hub.

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Where is the rotor on your 95 Chevy van?

It's inside the distributor cap.

Does a windshield from a 1993 Chevy Astro van interchange with a 1988 Chevy Astro van?


What is the weight of a 1988 Chevy cargo van?

5,500 pounds

Where is the ECM located on a 1993 Chevy van?

Under the driver's seat.

What is the firing order for a 1988 Chevy Astro Van 4.3L?

What is the horsepower of a 1988 Chevy van small block?

185, to 200.

What is the lug bolt pattern on a 1988 Chevy G20 Van?


Does a 85 Chevy van windshield fit a 89 Chevy 2500 truck?

NO. You need one from 1988 to 1999

What is the spark plug gap for 1988 Chevy astro van 4.3l?


Are the computers for 1988 gmc van compatible with 1991 chevy van?

i seriously doubt it call a parts store

How much does the Chevy Astro 1988 van weight?

weighs in at about 4125, i just junked mine,

Where do you add transmission fluid on 1988 Chevy Astro van?

Fluid is added through the transmission dipstick.

Why do your blinkers blink so fast on a 1988 Chevy G20 van?

That's probably because that's the older van and the more original blinkers

Why no spark going to dist cap contacts on a 1988 B250 Dodge Ram Van 318 with new rotor button and cap and coil but spark from coil wire to cap?

Defective new cap/rotor?

What is the weight of a Chevy G20 van 1988?

Check on the door sticker to get the correct weight. Matters if your a cargo passanger or conversion van. Weight is all different

Where is the oil sending unit on a 1988 Chevy Astro Van located?

rear drivers side engine block

Where is the heater core on a 1988 Chevy G20 van w air and a v-8 motor located?

The 1988 Chevy G 20 Van heater core can be found behind the passenger side kick plate. You will need to remove the kick plate in order to access the heater core.

How do you tighten a serpentine belt on a 1988 Chevy Astro van?

I've got a better question, why is this question in the Chevy venture forum ? they have completely different engines and belts

What transmissions will interchange with a 1988 Chevy conversion van with a 350 motor?

any small blaock two wheel drive Chevy trans, but the linkage may have to be engineered!

How do you replace a starter on a 1988 Chevy astro van?

Remove the positive cable from your 1988 Chevy Astro battery. Remove the cables from the front of your starter. Remove the starter retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new starter.

How can you change a camshaft position sensor on your Chevy astro van 1988?

Camshaft position is taken from the distributor, there is no separate sensor.

What is the firing order for a 1995 Chevy Astro Van 4.3L v6?

I think it is the same as the 1988 one that was previously answered.

What is the weight of a Chevy 1988 G20?

depends on acutal van..there all differant..should be printed in door jam..4500-5500lbs

What is the weight of a 1994 Chevy van 20?

air filter, spark pluggs wires dist cap rotor oil change , then place on diag machine, wait for results

1989 Chevy van?

how do you change a power sterring belt for 89 Chevy van

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