How do you change 98 Chevy S10 Dimmer Switch?

OK first you need to buy the new switch.

Next you would need a 7mm socket and ratchet. I usually use an extension and a socket and turn the screws by hand. well the first thing you will need to do is remove the screw above the gauges.. next the two screws (one on each side) of the steering wheel . next you will want to losen but not fully remove the two screws (one on each side) below the two you removed.. then you will need to raise the steering wheel then put your fingers along the rubber piece below the steering wheel and pull down.. this will unclip the lower section of the dash. Then you will see two other screws below the top portion and the bottom parts of the dash... take those two screws out being careful not to drop them between the dash. then you will pull and unclip the top portion of the dash.. dont worry it is just clipped together.. and when you pull it apart you will have to disconnect three wires, dimmer, dome, and airbags.. they are very easy clips.. then replace the dimmer and your done! follow steps backwords! :-)