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How do you change Nissan Xterra 02 headlights?



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It is extremely easy. The light is a 9007 for 2002-2008, and a 9004 for a 2000-2001 model. You can buy it at autozone, pepboys, napa, whatever. It costs about 8 dollars. You need to open the hood, and pull the power cord thingy out of the back of the light. There is a metal clasp that holds the new headlight in place. Squeeze the metal part together and pull it up and off. I had to move my battery a little to get more room. Then you pull the old light out, and put the new light in. Do not touch the actual glass part of the light as the oil from your hand will cause it malfunction. Then put the metal clasp back on, and reconnect the power. You're all set.