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How do you change a brake light switch on a 1998 Chevy Tahoe?

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2014-07-05 00:07:20

In order to change the Brake Light Switch on a 1998 Tahoe you

have to do the following.

1. Disconnect the Battery.

2. Hang upside down like a monkey user the dash. Then look up

long the brake pedal shaft. If you look from the passengers side of

the pedal you will see a round clip that has to be spread and


3. Then reach up from the Drivers side of the pedals and on top

of the pedals you will find a bid switch. Push the swith up at the

end towards the firewall and it should pop up. Then slide the

switch towards the pasager side of the vehicle. This will release

it from the actuator point that you removed the clip in #2 from and

then then whole switch should be able to be routed down the drives

side of the pedals so that you can unhook the electrical leads.

Installation is in reverse of the order above.

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