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How do you change a front headlight on a 1998 Dodge Stratus?



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Open the hood You will see the headlights and they are covered by a plastic, and/or metal piece on the top of the headlight. If you look at each head light there is 2 "star shaped" screws. very distinct, and they are spaced on one the upper right and on on the lower bottom of this piece covering the headlights. Unscrew them both... they are very long screws. Pull out both screws, and keep them somewhere safe. The headlights will pull directly out with some minor wiggling, and there will be a wiring harness attached to each that is attached to the bulb. Now if your bulbs are good you can disconnect the wire by gently pulling it off, and then pop out the bulb. There is a black connector on the bulb, just turn till it loosens, and take the bulb right out. Then just set aside the bulb in a safe area, because if you bought a new headlight it most likely wont come with the bulb. I suggest getting a 9700 size bulb white light running from 30-50 bucks for the set. The stock bulbs blow. Now you have the screws out, the wiring harness off, and the bulb and its connector off. grab your new headlight, and place the old bulb (or new one) in the slot, and replace the plastic holder, and turn it till it locks. I suggest getting bulb grease, and rubbing it on the plastic bearing for a very easy installation and it will help in not damaging the bulb. next just plug in the wiring harness, and reset your headlight in so you can line up the holes so the screws can get in there nice and easy. Also notice when you are screwing the screws back in.... in between the holes there is a level... wipe it off if you cant read it and make sure it is level before you fully tighten or you are gonna have some light issues later on. Once the level is at 0 (or in the middle) tighten them screws nice and snug.