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Well, I have a 93 escort wagon that I recently replaced almost the entire fuel system (except the lines and the injectors... still didn't get the problem!) because of a minor loss of power issue.

First, cut out and release the fuel pressure by popping the fuel cutoff, located under the right trunk speaker. I used a small (3") flathead screwdriver, insert it in the slot and pop the button UP. Pushing DOWN on the button doesn't do ANYTHING when it is in the normal position. Then release the pressure through the Schrade valve in the engine compartment, looks like a tire stem right on the fuel rail. Push that until gas stops squirting out of it.

The fuel filter is mounted in the engine compartment, right about in the center of the firewall (that's the 'back' of the engine compartment between the engine and the driver - it's called a firewall because it insulates the driver from the heat of the engine). Take the clips off, pull the hoses, and loosen the clamp. Replace, and installation is the reverse of removal.

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Q: How do you change a gas filter on a 1991 Escort Wagon?
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