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To add a notepad (.txt) file to a .zip archive format, you need a certain program. I recommend using WinRAR 3.71 ( Once installed, create the notepad file, and then right click on it and select "Add to Archive." You should then be able to create a .zip format archive with a notepad file inside.

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How do you change file folders into files?

By making it into a zip file.. that is the easiest way to do it!

How do you install .rar file to Android phone?

You can transfer it to your phone but i dont think it will be recognize,change it to a zip file. Zip is compatible with android.

How you convert zip file to auc file?

You cannot convert a .ZIP file to a .AUC file. A .ZIP file is an archive, and .AUC is audio. However, if there is an .AUC file located inside the .ZIP file, then you can extract it using software or even Windows internal .ZIP handling. First try double-clicking the .ZIP file to see if it opens. If it does, then deal with the files the same as you would files in a regular Windows folder. If not, then download PKZip, 7Zip, Rar!, or other archiver that handles .ZIP files. After installing an archiver, the likely action is to right-click the file you want to unzip and select unzip.

How do you change a file from docx to zip?

docx becomes .zip when opened from webMS Office Support

How do you change a ZIP file into an Executable Jar File?

You can't directly do this because a jar file is compiled from Java source files; not built from a zip archive. You could try changing the extension of the zip, but it probably won't execute in a JVM.

How does a zip file work?

To work with the zip file first u have a software that which is used for compress and extracting of a zip file. once u get it its very easy to extract the zip file. just right click on the zip file u can see extract option click on this and in some minutes u'll get your normal file.

When downloading a zip file it turns it into a folder but I want it to be a zip file how do I change my setting to do so?

If the folder has a zipper on it, it's a zip file. That's what zip files look like in Windows XP and later, since the OS has support for zip files built in. If you're really getting an uncompressed folder, you'd need to specify what browser you were using in order to get an answer.

What are the steps to 'zip' a file?

Just compress it by right clicking on the item you want to be a zip file

What type of file has a zip extension?

a ZIP file- it contains one or more files that have been compressed to reduce file size- you have to extract the zip file to be able to see what files are in it

How can you covert a ZIP file to a JAR file?

We can easily convert the zip file into jar file by using the converting software, named winzip.

When was Zip - file format - created?

Zip - file format - was created in 1989.

I downloaded the firmware for ipod touch 3.1.3 but when i downloaded it came with a zip file i extracted it but it wasn't an ispw file it was like a lot of files. where is the ispw?

Put your zip file on your desktop and click rename , then change ZIP to IPSW. tell me if it worket, and please tell me the link where u download that ipsw

Is there any software that can convert a zip file to image file?

In the past there are people who experimented with zip files to store them as images. None of the current compression software supports this. A zip file can contain a image file.

How do you unzip files in Windows Vista?

Well if you want to install a non zip file on the windows vista you need to 1. Install the file. 2. See it on your downloads documents and click on th zip folder on the top of the document then everything will change into zip files!!!

Why might you need to zip a file?

In computer lingo, to "zip" a file is to compress it. The classic utility for this is WinZip, but today, there are many "zip" utilities.

How do you reduce the size of a zip file?

A zip file is usually in the smallest format possible for a condensed file. If you need for your file to be smaller it might be necessary to try making a zip file from a different vendor who may do something behind the scenes to make the file smaller.

How convert lrf file format to zip file?

Right click the file and click "Send to" then click "Compressed Zip File" and select the save location.

How do you open a zip file software on a mac?

The icon of a .zip file can be double clicked and it will automatically open.

How do you reduce the size of a file?

Put it into a ZIP File.

What is another name for a ZIP file?

Zippitypop file

How do you convert zip file to jar file?


How much do a zip of regular weed weigh?

a zip off some regular weigh 28 grams

What situation would a zip file be used?

A .zip file may be used when compressing multiple files in one.

What is the last character in a file extension?

It varies by the extension. A compressed file ends in an underscore _ A hidden file ends with a dollar sign $ A regular extension usually ends in a letter (.exe, .zip, .rar, .txt, etc)

How do you turn a file folder into a zip file?

On a Mac right click on the file/folder and select Compress file/folder name from the menu that appears. This will create a zip file called file/folder

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