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How do you change a thermostat on a 2003 aviator?



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The easiest way, that I found, to do this is: after you drain the system (through the drain cock found at the bottom of the raduator). Take off the clamp of the top drivers side hose. As you follow THAT hose down, you will find the thermostat housing. Two screws hold it against the engine block. After unclamping the and separating the lower hose, remove those two screws. Be aware that more coolant will come out. Carefully pry the housing from the engine, as there will be a rubber o-ring that MIGHT be reused. If not be prepared to buy one like it. After you seperate the to hose, carefully pull from the bottom down, both hoses in tact. This will be time consuming. But worthe not trying to remove any other clamps. Two more screws hold the housing together. Unscrew and you will see the thermostat. With another rubber seal. Once again, be careful. *Very important* Be sure it goes back the same way. As I learned, spring side up. And to replace it all. Just reverse the obsess