How do you change a tie rod on a 1995 Chevrolet camaro?

Wow! I've never even heard of one of these going bad! As such, I can't recall what sort of steering it uses, but having driven a few I expect it's a rack and pinion type steering.

To remove outer tie rod:

First remove wheel and tire assembly. Then, use an open end wrench to loosen jamb nut (nut on inner tie rod jammed against outer tie rod.) Use of a hammer or pipe may be required. Then, remove cotter pin (if so equipped) and nut holding outer tie rod to steering knuckle (spindle.) Use a ball joint fork or a large hammer to separate outer tie rod stud from knuckle/spindle.

To remove inner tie rod:

First remove outer tie rod. Then, remove jamb nut and rubber boot covering inner tie rod. Use special or universal inner tie rod tool to unscrew inner tie rod from rack unit.

To reinstall:

Reverse the above, then get wheel alignment done.