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How do you change an alternator for a 88 Jeep Comanche?

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88 jeep Comanche adjust timing?

THE timing on a 88 Comanche w/inline six cyl. is set at the factory and not adjustable.

88 Jeep Comanche won't charge. Alt batt. new and re-tested.?

This sounds like an earth problem check battery to chassis & chassis to engine earth connections also check earth to alternator best wishes

88 accord dx must you remove tire to change alternator belt?

sell it

Where is the radiator cap on a 88 jeep Comanche?

its a closed system, no cap. Add fluid to the plastic container. You can convert to an open system, but that's not cheap.

Where is the horn on an 87 Comanche?

i have an 88 Comanche and mine is on the driver side underneath the headlights, almost in the wheelwell

Where is Diagram to change alternator in 88 sedan deville?

The diagram to the alternator of a 1988 Sedan Deville can be found in the cars repair manual. It can be bought at an auto part store.

What would make a Jeep Comanche pick up not have ant fire to the plugs?

My problem on the 88 I was working on turned out to be the crank position sensor located on the driver side top of the bell housing.

Where is the location of a voltage regulator on an 88 chevy van?

Inside the alternator.Inside the alternator.

Your 88 Jeep Comanche wont start it has spark and the timing seems to be correct and the fuel pressure is good too?

If a 1988 Jeep Comanche will not start even though there is spark and the timing seems to be correct and the fuel pressure is good, check the starter solenoid. Even though all the other factors are good, the starter solenoid might not be telling the starter to engage.

Where do you put radiator sealant in a 88 Jeep Comanche?

Last I heard, there was no such thing as radiator sealant in a commanche. If you have a hole, you need a new radiator. Try tightning down all the hoses first, though.

88 Jeep Cherokee that has 292000 miles with the straight six and an auto and it died while driving and will not start now and the battery is new so what could be causing this to happen?

It could be the alternator.

You put in a new battery starter relay and an alternator in a 88 jeep comanchee and now it wont turn over What is wrong?

Recheck the connections, you may have missed one, so its flapping about in the breeze.

Will a 88 Jeep bumper fit a 79 Jeep?

yes it will most 70 model jeep thru 95 jeep parts interchange.

Your 88 CRX SI Alternator belt is making a strange intermittent noise shortly after changing the alternator whats wrong?

If your 88 CRX SI alternator belt is making a strange intermittent noise shortly after changing the alternator what's wrong, the belt tension could be off. Adjust the belt slightly.

Where is the alternator located on a 88 rx-7 do you have a picture to show me?


How do you delete the electronic control module on a jeep wrangler ' 88?

You would have to change the fuel and ignition systems over to a non computer system.

What color is the trigger wire on a 1989 Jeep Sahara tachometer?

On the 88 jeep the trigger wire at the tach is blue.

What type of jeep truck was used in the movie twister?

It's a jeep j-10 manufactured from 71-88.

Will a Jeep Wrangler rear end work in a jeep Comanche?

If it has the same gearing yes, but I believe all Wranglers (excluding Rubicons) have a rear Dana 35 which is not a desirable axle. I would suggest a '97-'01 Chrysler 8.25 29 spline from a Cherokee. Or if you can find one, they also came with Dana 44's in '87-'88.

Rate of change of 55 and 88?

The rate of change, from 55 to 88 is 66%.

89 YJ Can a 88 4.0 Comanche engine and tran. go in it?

Engine, yes. Transmission is different.

How do you change the light bulbs in the instrument panel on a 1988 Jeep Comanche?

I have an 88 Jeep Comanche and have replaced the cluster bulbs and also replaced the whole cluster to a new cluster with a tach. You have to remove the dash trims (3 screws), then it will expose the screw for the cluster. Remove those and carefully pull out the cluster. It may not have enough slack due to the speedo cable and you may have The Cluster with a tach beside the Speedo plugs in just like the older one with no problem. Just make sure that the speedo cable clip that attaches to the new cluster with a tach fits the same or you may have to replace the speedo cable to match.

On an 88 Jeep Comanche is it a computer placed under the dash above the passanger's feet I'm switching from a 2x4 to a 4x4 wondering if that computer is the same or if I need to find the 4x4 one.?

The computer above the passengers feet is likely the transmission shift control, not the 4WD control.

Will a jeep 81 cj motor fit a jeep 88 yj?

Yes, the 4.0 hasn't changed much over the years.

How do you locate the fuel shut off relay on an 88 jeep Cherokee chief?

Jeep does not have one could be the relay or bad pump.

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