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To change the alternator on a 1987 to 1990 Chevy Celebrity V6:

First disconnect the ground cable from the battery.

Use a 3/8" breaker bar or ratchet in the square on the end of the belt tensioner to release the tension and take the serpentine belt off of the alternator drive pulley. There should be a routing chart on the belt guard between the water pump and the power steering pump.

Remove the three bolts that attach the alternator to the mounting bracket.

Pull the alternator up and disconnect the plug and use a wrench to disconnect the battery wire.

Reverse the process to install the new alternator.

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Q: How do you change an alternator on an automatic 1990 Chevy Celebrity with a V6 engine?
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The Alternator is between the engine and the firewall. Follow the serpentine behind the engine and you'll see the alternator. Removing the alternator is easiest if you remove the passenger side front tire and the plastic mud guard. Once they are both off, the alternator is easy to change.

If you put the wrong engine oil in during an oil change mess up the alternator?

Type of Engine Lubricating Oil versus Alternator OperationNo, the wrong type of oil within the engine should have no effect on the alternator operation.However, IF in the process of putting oil in the engine someone were to spill some of the oil onto the alternator, AND IF some of that oil got into the alternator it could cause damage to the alternator.

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Disconnect the battery.Remove the serpentine belt.Take off the wires on the back of the alternator.Unbolt the alternator from the engine bracket.

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To change the alternator drive belt on a Bobcat 853 you start by lifting the cab. With the cab up, you can see the back of the engine and alternator. Locate the belts spring tensioner and release the belt.

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