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You can add or delete contacts from Gmail easily. The contacts could be added by requesting. They can be deleted by the delete option.


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You can send chat request to your friends on GMail if you know their email address.

Gmail does not have the concept of "friends". If you want to delete a contact, you can do that through your contact list.

You can easily get out of a group chat on Google talk. You can also remove your friends from contact list. Just hower over it and click delete.

You have to send a request to the person. If he/she accepts they are added to your list. Then you can chat with them.

I currently have a gmail account and a bunch of my friends also have gmail. Pretty much when ever I am on gmail at least one of my friends is on gmail. Hope this helps!

If you want to change your Gmail ID, get a new Gmail. You can't change the ID to the one you have.

You cannot search Gmail accounts easily. There is no list of people who are on Gmail. This list would hurt the privacy of the owners.

unfortunately we cant change dob in gmail

You can change your Gmail address after you change your IP. You however do not need to do that. It is because gmail is independent of IP address.

You can easily change your password on Gmail. The password is like the key to Gmail account. You can change it in the settings.

my gmail open page language change how to re change to English

Unfortunately you cannot change your theme on Gmail on ipad.

You can any time change from Yahoo to Gmail. There are a number of features in Gmail that are not in Yahoo. Speed, efficiency and reliability are three.

The list of groups on Gmail is not public. The groups are created by individuals. They might contain some private information as well.

You can change your name in the settings. Go to settings, more settings and then change name. This will change the name you view on Gmail.

You can't, You will have to make a New Gmail Account.

You could find you Gmail contacts on the left. There is a list of Gmail contacts on the left pane. These contacts are the one who can be chatted with.

You cannot change the email account once created by Gmail. Gmail addresses are known for uniqueness. They cannot be changed later on as it will not be unique.

You have to create a new Gmail account in order to change it. The Gmail account already cannot be changed. You can export the contacts and the mails in new one.

That is not possible, you must create a new GMail account.

Gmail is an account of Google where you manage your mails. It can also used for chatting with google friends. The Gmail account is a place for mailing services.

No you can't change a gmail account to Hotmail account. It is because they both are different mail servers. Gmail has it's unique identification.

You can change languages easily on Gmail. You need to go to Google Language Support. Change your language and done.

My friends all love Gmail and say it has made their lives much more efficient. Where can I find out more about Gmail, and maybe sign up?

One can change the setup of their Gmail Outlook account by going to the gear icon and then select settings. Once in settings one can change their setup of their Gmail Outlook account.

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