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You can send chat request to your friends on GMail if you know their email address.

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Q: How do you make a friends list on Gmail?
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How do you unfriend one from Gmail?

Gmail does not have the concept of "friends". If you want to delete a contact, you can do that through your contact list.

How do you change friends on your Gmail list?

You can add or delete contacts from Gmail easily. The contacts could be added by requesting. They can be deleted by the delete option.

How do you join friends in Gmail chat?

You have to send a request to the person. If he/she accepts they are added to your list. Then you can chat with them.

How do you get friends out of your chat list on Gmail?

You can easily get out of a group chat on Google talk. You can also remove your friends from contact list. Just hower over it and click delete.

What do you make a your Gmail?

Gmail is an account of Google where you manage your mails. It can also used for chatting with google friends. The Gmail account is a place for mailing services.

Does anybody have a Gmail account?

I currently have a gmail account and a bunch of my friends also have gmail. Pretty much when ever I am on gmail at least one of my friends is on gmail. Hope this helps!

How do you get female friends in Gmail?

female friends

Search accounts of google Gmail facicity?

You cannot search Gmail accounts easily. There is no list of people who are on Gmail. This list would hurt the privacy of the owners.

Where is the list of groups on Gmail?

The list of groups on Gmail is not public. The groups are created by individuals. They might contain some private information as well.

How do you find your Gmail contacts?

You could find you Gmail contacts on the left. There is a list of Gmail contacts on the left pane. These contacts are the one who can be chatted with.

What is the best website to talk to friends on?

gmail or facebook

Where can I find out about Gmail?

My friends all love Gmail and say it has made their lives much more efficient. Where can I find out more about Gmail, and maybe sign up?

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