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The list of groups on Gmail is not public. The groups are created by individuals. They might contain some private information as well.


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No, they cannot be a part of it. People who are not a part of Gmail cannot be a part of Google groups. It is the copyright of Gmail to be a part of it.

You cannot search Gmail accounts easily. There is no list of people who are on Gmail. This list would hurt the privacy of the owners.

You can easily create groups on Gmail. You must decide the member to be the part of the group. Then you must create the group.

Gmail groups are a selection of your email contacts who you wish to correspond with in one block. Once the group has been formed it can be given an identifying name.

To delete a contact group:Click Contacts on the left side of any page.Select the contact group from the groups list.Click Delete Group at the top of the page.Click OK.For further information, reference GMail help at the related link below.

You could find you Gmail contacts on the left. There is a list of Gmail contacts on the left pane. These contacts are the one who can be chatted with.

You can send chat request to your friends on GMail if you know their email address.

"You can manually create a bulk email list in gmail, but it would require you to enter each address separately. The easier way to do this would be to set up your gmail account in outlook, then download an email list creator and copy and past your addresses into it."

It is very easy to print a list of Gmail contacts. It can be done by going on the page and right clicking. The option of Print can be seen there.

Chatting on Gmail is done through their IM. The name of IM of Google is Google Hangouts. It can be used for chatting to friends or groups.

In Gmail, there are no chat rooms but there are groups. A person can create a group and then chat. Anyone is able to reply in that group.

Yes, contacts can be transferred from blackberry to Gmail. You have to create a CSV file in phone by exporting contacts. The CSV file can be extracted by gmail.

You can't send mass mails from Gmail, use googlegroups or something similar

Gmail does not have chat rooms like Yahoo. It has single to single chat system. You can however create custom groups on it.

Log onto to gmail by going to Once you log in there is a list of your mail on the front page in the center of the page.

The chairman of Google (and Gmail which is a branch of Google) is Eric Schmidt. I will attach a link to a list of the rest of Google's executive staff.

You can add or delete contacts from Gmail easily. The contacts could be added by requesting. They can be deleted by the delete option.

Ping is Gmail is similar to Hangouts. The ping option is done to check the internet connection. Hangouts is pinging a friend in the list.

Gmail does not have the concept of "friends". If you want to delete a contact, you can do that through your contact list.

You have to get their email ID and then request them. If they accept it, they show on your list. Sending a mail also adds them in list.

You can log off your Gmail in the settings. The settings contain a list of accounts of apps. You can log out of the mail from there.

Lost Gmail chats cannot be recovered. These chats are the ones that once deleted cannot be revived. The chats are with contacts in your list.

Click on "All Mail" in GMail. You will find it in the list along with Compose Mail, Inbox, Starret, Drafts and Sent Mail.

You can easily remove chat contact on Gmail. Hower over the contact, and there you can find the option. Click on it to remove the contact from the list.

You can add contact to Gmail chat list. You have to add the contact to the list. After adding you have to add the request to the person

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