Dodge Intrepid

How do you change fuel filter on 97 Dodge Intrepid 3.5 liter?

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2006-08-04 19:39:29

This is very dangerous. Please consider buying the Haynes

Automotive repair manual for your car. This manual gives a very

detailed step by step process on what to do and also warnings on

do's and don't's (indeed you are messing with gasoline that is

highly flammable). In addition it gives you clear pictures

("pictures are worth a thousands words" and could save your life)

that are annotated with arrows for your convenience. The book's

ISBN: 1 56392 3165. If you are looking for reasonable prices on

parts consider going to You might also be able to

get the manual or another manual from the forementioned website.

Some other sites to consider obtaining the manual from are (could be cheaper) or The manual will be

very helpful in most if not all cases whenever you encounter a

problem(s) and want to troubleshoot. Remember do not mess with it

until you get the manual because you could end up blowing yourself

in limbo. If not get it done by the pros because you can't put a

dollar figure on your life. It cost me just about $120 to change

that includes parts and labor. The link for the fuel filter is:,carcode,1091887,parttype,6200 get

the AC Delco one that cost $15.67 (I paid about $45 when I had mine

changed, yes I got ripped off but not anymore, next time I am bring

my parts); they normally have extremely good products. PS. If you

want to go here and purchase the manual:,carcode,1091887,parttype,10335

use this discount code: 450298415494 which is good for whatever you

buy. To use the 5% discount do the following: * In our Java

Catalog, enter your code in the "How did you hear about us" line of

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