How do you change fuel pump in a 2002 avalanche?

1. Release fuel pressure on Fuel system by bleeding Schraeder valve on the Fuel Rail (under Plastic Vortec cover on Engine and Black Cap) 2. Pump out remaining Fuel with hand/electric pump through fill hose. 3. Disconnect Evaporater Canister by squeezing connectors where lines join.(one located beside the tank to the middle of vehicle) and one on top of frame in front of tank. 4. Loosen hose clamp on filler neck 5. Disconnect pressure and return line from front of tank. (cap lines if possible to prevent contamination of lines by dirt, etc) 6. Raise and support Vehicle to provide room underneath to drop tank and slide out from under vehicle. ( this is where a lift rack would be useful) 7. Support whole length of Fuel tank (is a plastic composite so use support front, middle, and rear) and take our Fuel tank Strap bolts. 8. Remove straps and lower rear of tank slightly to allow you to disconnect lines from fuel sender at front of tank. 9. Remove fuel tank. 10. Unscrew Fuel Pump Cap/Lid (Where Fuel Lines connect to top of tank) Clockwise to Remove! 11. Replace whole module (around $300-$400) and reinstall tank. 12. Change fuel filter every 30,000 miles to prevent Pump Burnout in the future. (screw on filter in front of the tank very easy to change, just remember to release pressure same as with Fuel Pump Replacement and to have container to catch gas spillage under filter)