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How do you change headlights on a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire?

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If you want to take out the light housing follow these instructions. There is also a helpful link in related links.

  • Remove the black plastic cover (flat head screw driver and needle nose pliers work well)
  • Use the screw driver to lift up the head of the black plastic bolts and then either pull them out by hand or with the needle nose pliers.
  • Note: make sure you take the entire plastic bolt out, there are two parts
  • Remove black plastic cover
  • Remove the two bolts/screws (2 for each headlight)
  • Carefully pull the headlight housing out
  • The bulbs will still be attached so be careful
  • Twist the light bulb socket (to the left) and pull it out.
  • Repeat the steps in reverse order if replacing just the housing

If you want to replace the bulbs:

  • Once the socket is out of the housing, gently pull the bulb out. You may want to use a rag/glove/towel in case bulb breaks.
  • Take a new bulb and (using rag/glove/towel) push the bulb back into the socket and then repeat the above steps in reverse.

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