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How do you change headlights on a 2002 Jaguar X type?


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The "book" will tell you to pull the entire assembly and lower front bumper cover, but you can do it from the engine compartment easily. There are two soft rubber covers on the back of each light assembly that have a bar clip that slides off and releases them. Remover the rubber cover to expose the lamps. I have the Xenon lights but they should be about the same either way plus or minus a few parts. you should then be able to twist and remove the lamp bulb and replace it. then just reverse the process. Note: If you have Xenon lights...are yo sure that the bulb is the problem? Mine was the Igniter that mounts to the back of the bulb itself. Good test is to swap the igniter with the other side and see if the problem follows or stays. Good luck!


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