Jaguar X Type

The Jaguar X-Type was a compact executive car produced from 2001 to 2009. This was the smallest of the Jaguar model range and was offered in 4-door saloon and 5-door estate body styles.

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Jaguar X Type

Jaguar x type navigation problems?

My Navigator doesn't work properly. Some time it works other time It says that the DVD is not the one of Maps.

My question is: Shall I bay a new DVD of Maps ? If yes: Wich one?

or it's same thing as to do with the DVD Player?

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Jaguar X Type

Roblox How do you easy get 8000 tix in Roblox?

What tix is banned from roblox....

Jaguar X Type

Jag x type diesel hard to start when hot?

hi have you sorted the problem out yet....its driving me nuts !!!


Jaguar X Type

How do you set the clock on a 2003 jaguar x-type?

Press and hold the mode button with the radio on. This will bring up a screen, select 12 or 24 hour scale, depending on what your preference mode enter the time with the keypad, using a "0" before the hour,if the hour is not in double digits. Press mode again...Now use the # button to change from AM to PM. Hope this helps!

Timing Belts and Chains
Jaguar X Type

When should a jaguar x type 2.0 diesel cam belt be changed?

The X-Type Diesel does not have a cam belt, its a chain and never needs changing.

Jaguar X Type

Does a 2005 x type jaguar have diagnostic port if so where?

it is under the stering wheel...

Car Batteries
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Jaguar X Type

Where is the battery in the Jaguar S-Type?

In the trunk under the mat on the right hand side of the trunk.

Jaguar X Type

Where is the radiator cap located on Jaguar x type?

On the coolant reservoir. This is a plastic reservoir toward the back right of the engine compartment.

Car Batteries
Jaguar X Type

How do you change battery jaguar key fob?

# Split the transmitter from the key using a small screwdriver in the small hole on the back. You will see a couple of reliefs on the transmitter where you can split the cover. # Step 2 Use a very small screwdriver to remove the screw that holds the circuit board to the casing. You will see that the battery is underneath. # Step 3 Remove the old battery and replace it with a new one. Reverse the steps above to put the key fob back together.

Jaguar X Type

What could be wrong on an X-Type when the code says cylinder 6 misfire?

Chances are that you have a bad plug wire

Oxygen Sensors
Jaguar X Type

Where is knock sensor located on a 2002 jaguar x-type 3.0l?

Under the intake manifold

Mobile Phones
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Jaguar X Type

What cell phones are used in the Jaguar Type S cars?

1. My wife has a 2000 S type with the factory phone option. It is a Motorola P8767 with service from Verizon. It is a digital phone but will only work with Verizon. I have been trying to find a phone compatible with Cingular service.

2. Go to Jaguar web site about Bluetooth Connectivity:

You need to know last six characters of your VIN number to find the list of cell phones that work with your Jaguar communication system.

The Bluetooth® enabled telephone system is controlled from the steering wheel and from the Touch-screen. It allows the driver to make and receive calls safely and easily using a Bluetooth® compatible mobile phone handset without the need for wires or cradles. Different features will be available according to the mobile phone handset used. This area of the website is designed to help you get the best from the Bluetooth® system in the vehicle and get interactive help for your particular handset model.

Jaguar X Type

How do you remove airbag cover from 2004 jaguar x type?

Crash the car into a tree. The airbag deploys and the cover pops right off. I hope this helps.

Jaguar X Type

What octane to use in a x type jaguar?

91 octane, says right in the owners manual.

Auto Parts and Repairs
Jaguar X Type

How do you change the speakers on a Jaguar X type?

take old ones out put new ones in

Timing Belts and Chains
Jaguar X Type

When to change cam belt on jaguar x type 2 liter diesel?

You dont it as timing chain

Jaguar X Type

How do you remove broken alloy nuts from an x type jag?

I had the same problem, and had luck with the following process.

first I tried taking a smaller socket and beating it onto the remaining section of the lug nuts and using an impact gun to try and remove it. (had 2 successful lug nut removals this way)

If that didnt work, I used a small drill bit and started drilling pilot holes into each lug nut, being careful not to foul the threads on the lug stud or to drill all the way through into the wheel. Then after the pilot holes were done, i used a larger bit to create a larger hole for the head of a punch to fit into. Using a hammer and punch, I tried forcing the nuts to spin off by angling the punch to make them spin counter clockwise if they were going to move at all! (had about 5 removed this way)

If you still don't have them off, then try continuing with the drilling, make your larger drill bit cut deep into the lug nuts, and again try not to foul up your threads on the studs! When they are almost all the way through, stop and use a cold steel chisel to try and split the lug nut. This may take several times until you weeken the lug nut enough to "peel" it away from the stud without damaging anything.

If you damage a stud in this process, you are either going to replace the stud, or clean it up with a tap and die set if its only slightly damaged.

Good luck!

Jaguar X Type

Why can't you open the door of a 2002 jaguar x-type?

The door latches must need replacing. My 2002 X Type front door latches failed before the car hit 100K miles.

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Jaguar X Type

How do you program remote key on jaguar x type?

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need:
  • Nothing
  1. Step 1

To program a key fob insert the key and turn to position I.

  1. Step 2

Turn the key to position II and back to I (quickly repeat four times) and you will hear a chime if it was done correctly.

  1. Step 3

Turn the key all the way back and take it out.

  1. Step 4

Now press any button on the key fobs to be added and you will hear another chime.

5. If you have a set of keys for step (4) you have to press any button on two or more fobs at the same time so they both have the same code or else one will work and the others wont.

P.S. Jaguar dealership were trying to charge $260 for a new Fob and + $160 to reprograme. Moral of this story research and you might save your money for better things.

No improvement on answer. Just wanted to let you know that I followed the instructions and the key works perfectly. After changing the battery I was advised by Jaguar that it would have to be reprogrammed. Their hourly rate (minimum) is $120. Thanks so much for the advice.

Ralph Amitrano

Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

Can you start the car after this procedure? I couldn't. 411Leon

Jaguar X Type
Timing Belts and Chains

How much to change timing belt Jaguar X type?

If it's a V6 it has a chain not a belt.

Jaguar X Type
Oil and Oil Filters

X-Type Oil Filter Location?

The oil filter is located at the front end next to the catylitic converter just behind the plastic cover under the front bumper.

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How do you change front fog lights on dodge 2.0 x?

Pull the turn signal stick towards you.

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Jaguar X Type

How do you remove type player on a 2001 Mercedes C240?

DIN toolVisit the site. It explains the use of the DIN tool for stereo removal. Can be found on eBay or at some auto parts stores.
Jaguar X Type

Would x type jaguar wheels fit on an xj jaguar?

They would fit on the newer xj's, after 2003. But wouldn't fit on the older ones, XJ8 (x308) or XJ6 (300). The older xj's stud pattern is 5X120.65, while the newer, including the x type and s type, jags are 5X108. The older jags are hard cars to find mags for, as standard euro 5 studs are 5X120, not 5X120.65, and will not fit on a jag.

Water Pumps
Jaguar X Type

How do you replace the water pump in 2003 Jaguar Type X?

I have a 2002 x-type 2.5l. This is actually surprisingly easy and inexpensive. This job should take about an hour. The water pump is on the left side of the vehicle on the motor next to the battery. There is a small belt connected to three pulleys. The small black pulley on the silver housing is the water pump. I was able to find an after market water pump at my local auto parts store for around $60. They are online ranging from $25-$300. I would get one that includes a new gasket. You will need a 10mm and 8mm socket.

First take the top of the battery housing off. Then unbolt the battery hold down and the battery wires (with a 10mm socket) and remove the battery and set it aside. Also make certain to also set aside the bolts that tie down the battery. Now the rest of the housing for the battery will lift right out. As you take it out, make note as to where the vent tube that was connected to the battery goes. There is also a small wire block hooked to the battery housing.

With the battery out you now have completely exposed the water pump. First remove the three bolts holding down the large black pulley with your 8mm socket. Take the pulley, belt and bolts and set them aside (I like putting the bolts back in their holes for safe keeping). Now with the 8mm socket, remove all 8 of the bolts holding the water pump in place. (I'm taking into consideration that the fluid has already been drained or has run out). Remove the water pump and the gasket. Wash out the cavity of any particles and be certain the surface is clean.

Replace the gasket and the water pump. Some people use a gasket cement I prefer not to and replace it dry. Then put back the 8 bolts and hand tighten them in their appropriate location (there are 2 long bolts). Now tighten the bolts down using the opposite tightening technique. Do not over tighten. Spin the water pump to be certain it spins freely. Clean up the area wiping up any grease or left over fluid. Replace the belt and the large pulley. Then replace the battery.

Refill the antifreeze with the appropriate type of antifreeze (refer to your owners manual). Start up the car to make certain all is working.

Now you're ready to drive in style.

Good luck.


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