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How do you change laungues on Bebo?


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how do you change your bebo to English


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to change your name on bebo go to home,settings,then change username

you cant you have to drag the picture to change your top friends on bebo.

Um from my expreience with Bebo, I don't think you really can change your profile name. Sorry. :l

how do i change my top friends on bebo because when i click on them they wont drop

Go to your bebo profile. Under your profile picture click change modules Drag and drop the boxes to where you want them

under your profile picture click 'change modules' move them or get rid of them

If you still have the password, go onto it and change the password or report them or contact bebo support.

They dont have a bebo. I asked them on MySpace even ask them yourself on MySpace everytime you edit it i will change it back! THEY DONT HAVE BEBO!! =d

you cant, because the colour is from the bebo skin, you can only change the colour of the text if you make the skin :) xx

you probably typed the security code in wrong so my advice is to get a friend to make you a bebo then change your password!

hi im looking 2 change my bebo language its in dutch but im Irish soo i don't understand could you please help me 2 change the language please thanks

Click on edit profile situated under your photo then change it.

No one can get on to your bebo account, but they can get onto your bebo profile if its public. To change that, click 'Edit profile' and click 'privacy settings' and put in private so NO ONE but you and your friends can get on your profile.

Click on change my bebo profile picture then click upload picture then click old uploader. You can only get them out of your bebo photo albums or a memory pen!

On your bebo on the top right hand corner click 'settings' Then under the main bebo toolbar click 'privacy' Next click 'education' The rest is self explanitory

You have to change your profile picture on your Bebo / Facebook first, then click on change picture on Frendzii. It will then ask you to refresh your page. Once it refreshes, the photograph will automatically change to the one you have just put on your profile

The only way this is possible is by doing it in windows then copy and pasting it in the font you chose on to your bebo profile.

You can't, unless you add a stupid app for your bebo. But no one really uses it, because it's useless, sorry.

Brazil has 1 official language: Portuguese.

Copy and paste it out of a word document.

Ok. Go on to change modules. :] Charley x Add me and view me. CharliiEllen

Click on change my profile photo (situated under your current photo).

Go to your profile Under your profile pic click 'change skin'

Where you found the button to convert it to your new bebo, that should still be in the same place , click on it and it will go onto your old bebo again. or you can click on change modules and above the boxes where you drag the different things from there are 3 tick boxes above them. un tick- use new profile layout! yay i have taken ages to find that (: the top one doesn't work if you are just new to bebo! x

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