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A photo that shows in profile is called profile photo. It is evident to every person who receives your mail. It can be changed in the icon on top right containing an image.

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Q: How do you change photo in g mail account?
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yes i have

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I don't think you have to be a certain age to have a g-mail account you just have to have your parents permission

How do you add a new email account to Gmail?

To add a new email account in g mail : 1> GOTO g mail and see the top right bottom click on that and fill in the details to create a account on g mail.

Is G Mail different from Google Mail account?

Nope they are the same.

How difficult is it for an ordinary computer user to receive, open and read an eCard?

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How do you get a background for a G-mail account?

click "themes" there will be an option

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An on-line e-mail account can be setup for free at a few different websites, for example: (g-mail account) (hotmail account)

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Get some background music and a choir.

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You can use a Gmail's alternative Gmail to retrieve password. The password can be reset via this email account. This is the reason why you need an alternate account.

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I want sign in g-mail account..

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