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How do you change rear brake pads in a 2001 VW Cabrio?



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After removing the wheel, there are two bolts that hold the caliper together. The two bolts require two different size wrenches. The topmost bolt is a 1/2" or a 12mm. If you turn that the bolt will spin and spin. A 15mm wrench needs to be put on the spacer nut to prevent this from happening. After the topmost bolts are removed comes the hard part, collapsing the caliper. I removed the whole assembly but in hindsight I don't know if that was the best (but def the easiest). The caliper needs to be rotated and comressed at the same time. I used a socket to push the caliper down while roating with a pair of lockjaw pliers (definately not reccomended but it worked). There is supposed to be a special tool for it but I couldn't find one in time.