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How do you change tail light bulb on a 1994 Toyota corolla?

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1. Open the Trunk.

2. On the Left-side of the Right tail light assembly, & the Right-side of the Left tail light assembly: Unscrew 2 black, Phillips head screws-- one at the top and one at the bottom. If they are rusty, and won't unscrew try going to your local car store and asking them to help you. Then go to a home improvement/hardware store and purchase screws to replace those. Be sure to lubricate them with WD40 before putting them back in after your done changing the light. (We had a nightmare where the mechanic left them in rusty and it ended up stripping the screw. Also you can use something that eats away at rust like Wd40 to loosen things up. This also may make things more slippery so you know because it is a lubricant as well.)

Remember that you have to next pull back the fabric behind the tail light inside the trunk to acess things. There are little black plastic screws that you have to unscrew and pull out by hand to really get in there.

*3. Inside there are one or two screws, more like bolts. Take off only the silver (may be gold) nut-- Not the screw itself (which is attached to the light-housing, on the other side)!

4. Simply gently pull outwards.

5. If pulling outwards doesn't work, you probably have rusty screws and need to hammer them out from the inside.

6. Once you have the tail light out, from behind the assembly, remove the damaged light bulb by using a gentle turning motion, should come right out.

7. Make sure you have the replacement bulb ready and it matches the same number style on your old lightbulb.

8. Gently screw in the new bulb where the old build was.

9. Fit the tail light assembly back, rescrew things and your on your way!


*Inside the trunk, near the corners that each tail light assembly wraps-around, there are two black plastic pieces that stick out of the metal, on the SIDE wall of the car. DO NOT attempt to remove these plastic pieces! The only hardware that needs to be removed (from either or both assembly) are the two black Phillips-head screws on the outside of the trunk, and the one gold or silver nut on the inside REAR wall.

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