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I don't have a '98 -- I have a 2000, but I am betting the fix is pretty similar. This was maybe the easiest repair I have ever done. I had a problem a few weeks back where the car wasn't starting up very well and it would almost stall at times, particularly when it was low on fuel. The check engine light came on and the diagnosis was a P1404 or P4404 (don't recall) that indicated a problem with the EGR valve. Before I ended up replacing the valve I took it off and cleaned it, replacing the gasket before reattaching. The valve is right up against the firewall slightly to the left of the engine block and has an electrical sensor plug on top. Disconnect the plug and remove the valve by removing the two bolts on either side. I think it's an 11mm. Anyway, once the bolts are out and the plug is disconnected, it should come right off. If it's black and caked with carbon, chances are the EGR is your problem. I've been told it's common with Passports and Rodeos. You can clean it with some brake dust remover and an air compressor or just replace it. If you push down on the valve and it doesn't pop right back up or sticks after you've cleaned it, just replace it - the valve is bad. I put mine back on after cleaning it and it failed again four days later. Probably not a bad idea to replace the gasket either way.

A new one is probably around $120 - $150, which is really not too bad. This was seriously the easiest repair I have ever made on any vehicle I have ever owned. It took literally five minutes.

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Q: How do you change the EGR valve on a 1998 Honda Passport?
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