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How do you change the Radiator on a toyata tercel DX 96?

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September 13, 2011 12:25AM

pretty easy. first off you must make sure vehicle is cooled off. the drain coolant from frost plug, i believe it's on the lower left of the rad. when all cooland is empty, begin to disconnect all the fan connectors and wiring, should be two fans, if you have ac, i believe the condenso is in front of the rad, so no problem. next remove all hoses bottom first then top, ( you will get a bit of sipplage) then remove bottom. next remove all shrouds on the fan as well as the fan for easier removal. they are simply bolted to the side of frame. ownce all the extra hardware is removed, you should have the rad clean and clear. there are two main support brakets on the top, un-bolt them and you should be good. please due rad flush after you install rad, to remove any un-wanted buildup in engine, involves running vehicle with water and flush first. and simply install all parts and you are good to go.