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Remove the top by undoing the two screws on the back edge and slide the top towards the back.

Remove the control panel by undoing the screws either side. Leave the wires connected to the programmer, just lay it across the top.

Remove the right hand side panel ( facing the machine with the door nearest you).

There is a screw near the top of the panel, facing the wrong way, from back to front.

Remove the plastic lower panel, with a sharp tug.

Remove the screw holding the right hand panel to the front, exposed after removing the lower panel.

Undo the screw underneath the machine which locks the side panel to the bottom plate.

The side panel is hooked onto the base with several slide catches, simple push it backwards to unhook them and remove the panel.

Access can now be gained to the motor.

Carefully ease the drum off the guides around the door.

Drop the new belt down the gap between the door panel and drum.

The new belt will barely fit around the drum (this is normal)

Relocate the drum into the slides on the front panel.

Now the tricky bit.

You will swear that the belt is too small, as you won't be able to pull it over the motor shaft. Professionals use a tool here.

use an extension bar from a 1/2" socket set.

Pass the extension bar through the belt and hook the 1/2" drive socket onto the motor shaft.

Now carefully lever the belt down. Rotate the drum to allow the length of the belt to stretch and let the extension shaft spin in your hand as you do so.

You should be able to ease the belt over the wide part of the socket extension and drop it onto the motor shaft.

Make sure that the belt takes up the correct position on the drum, as left by the previous running marks. turn the drum both ways and make sure the belt stays on.


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Q: How do you change the belt on an Indesit is60v tumble dryer?
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