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Changing the clutch is a big job. If you don't have a lift and tranny jack I wouldn't recommend attempting the repair. If you have the right setup it does not require engine removal. However, you could remove the engine and trans together and then separate them outside of the engine bay. First, you need to remove the ball joints. This is done by removing the wheel and using a ball joint separator tool. Its a "U" shaped tool that fits underneath the ball joint boot. There is an air tool that can do this. Once you remove the ball joint, you need to remove the driveshaft from the hub. This is done by holding the hub assembly by the brake rotor and pulling towards yourself. The driveshaft may come out of the trans first so be careful not to damage the spline on either end of the driveshaft by dropping it. Once the driveshaft is removed, repeat this procedure on the other side of the front end. You need to remove the slave cylinder from the clutch fork. Two 10 mm bolts hold it on. Next, remove the shifter cables. Now with , you can start removing the trans bolts. First, support the trans from the bottom with the jack. Next, remove the trans to body mount. This bracket is located near the battery. If you look in front of the battery you will see it. Remove and check the jack. You may need to adjust the jack to support the weight of the trans. Next, remove the trans to engine bolts. Look for where the casing for the trans and engine block meet. You will find the bolts there. Remove all the bolts and the trans should start to move a little. With the jack supporting the trans, start to move the trans away from the engine block. Once you have separated the trans from the motor, lower the jack slowly making sure the trans is balanced on the jack plate. Get the trans to a stand or appropriate resting place to remove the clutch assembly.

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Is a clutch change on a fiat coupe twenty valve turbo an engine out job?

No. You can remove the clutch and gearbox with the engine in-situ.

What are the function of clutch?

The clutch disconnects drive from the engine to the wheels. It is required to change gears.

Do you need to remove engine when changing clutch on a Toyota Corolla 1994?

To change the clutch you need to remove the engine, the transmission or both. The clutch is BEWEEN the engine and transmission and you can't get it off without separating them.

How long to replace clutch on mgb gt?

The short answer is about a full day. Clutch replacement of an MGB, Roadster or GT entails the removal of the engine/transmission assembly from the car, then separating the two to access the clutch. There is no practical way to get to the clutch any other way, as the transmission cannot be removed with the engine in place.

Can you change clutch without removing engine?

Depends on the type of vehicle you are working on. With an older VW bug the engine must be pulled to change the clutch. On most cars and trucks the technique is to pull the transmission.

About how long should it take to change a clutch on a Pontiac Fiero if you raise the car off the engine cradle?

you don't need to raise the car off the engine cradle at all to change the clutch. i did the whole thing in my driveway

How do you change a clutch on a Perodua Nippa?

You have to remove the engine and gearbox. you will need a engine crane. Once you have the engine and box out, remove gearbox from engine and replace clutch, Refit gearbox to engine, put engine and gearbox back in car. Easy job if you have access to a engine crane.

Can you change from auto trans to manual trans?

yes you can, but you will also have to change flywheel on engine to enable you to intall a clutch

How do you change out the clutch on a 1988 Honda accord?

You have to drop the engine and the trans Good luck

Do you have to pull the engine to change the clutch on a Honda Accord?

No, but you have to remove the wheel assembly and transmission.

How much oil is required to change transmission oil in polaris predator 500?

There is no transmission oil, its what is considered a wet clutch the engine oil lubricates the clutch, 2 quarts will fill the engine oil.

Does replacing a Nissan Frontier 2000 2 4 L clutch require removing the engine?

AnswerNo, just remove the transmission. To get a better angle for removal and installation, put a block of wood between a jack at the crankshaft pulley and slightly jack it up so that the bell housing won't hit the floor pan of truck impeding removal and installation.

Why the engine revs is going higher when pressing clutch down and changing gears?

Every time you engage the clutch, the clutch disengages from the transmission/engine. Which in term engine revs up, until you disengage the clutch.

How can you tell What is wrong the car will not drive even with gears engaged and you can change gears while engine runing without pressing the clutch please help?

CLutch is buggered or might just be the clutch cable

Can the engine from a automatic Nissan Frontier fit in a standard Nissan Frontier?

yes but you would have to change the clutch

How much cost the labor to change a Clutch Kit?

The year, make, model and engine info needed.

How do you adjust the clutch?

You can change it. See the Do-It-Yourself guide here.

Mazda 323 clutchs how hard is it to change a clutch on this car?

It is a fairly big job. It requires accessing the clutch by removing the transfer case from the vehicle after separating it from the engine.

How do you replace the clutch on a 1986 vanagon?

you first have to drop the transmition. there is one bolt on the transmission support and 4 on the engine . after that you will have to separate the pressure plate from the flywheel and then change the clutch

How do you change the clutch on a landrover discovery?

Well, I thought I'd have a go! Haynes recommend you take the engine out, but after seeing a post on LR4x4 I thought i'd follow it and move the gearbox back. I started the job a week ago, clutch is now in but I cannot get the gearbox back in place. So my answer is....... get someone else to do it! Yeah ive done 3 and always taken engine out from the point of view of lineing the engine/gearbox back up again. also when you change the clutch plates after removing engine make sure you renew the clutch fork. that is loacated in the gearbox housing, you will see it when you take the engine out.

Any ideas as to why a 1997 Geo Metro will not shift into gear with the clutch depressed and engine running it will shift into gear if the engine is not running?

The springs around the clutch plate have probably came out and locked up between the pressure plate and the clutch plate and locked them together. you need to change the clutch plate and have the pressure plate checked for damage.

What is a function of the clutch in the vehicle?

The purpose of a clutch on a vehicle is to disconnect the drive of the engine from the gearbox (this would be required when the vehicle is stationary or to change gear). While the engine is running the crankshaft is continually turning, It is the crankshaft that turns the gearbox and via the gearbox the road wheels. Obviously there are times when the engine is running but drive is not required, The clutch is the mechanism by which this is achieved.

How do you change the clutch in a RAV4?

Hi, The engine and transmission assembly must be removed from the vehicle to replace the clutch on a RAV4 AWD. It's a 10+ hour job. Good luck.

Will an skyline r33 gearbox fit on R34 engine?

The gearbox will physically fit, you need to change the clutch to a push type clutch however. If we are talking 5 speed gearboxes.

How do you replace the clutch on a Subaru Forester?

This is a large undertaking, requiring removal of the engine and transmission assembly. It is not feasible to give instructions and details along with photographs in this forum. This is a job for a professional mechanic with the equipment necessary to remove the engine. --Ken