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How do you change the clutch on a 1992 paseo - Does it require engine removal?

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September 13, 2011 12:19AM

Changing the clutch is a big job. If you don't have a lift and tranny jack I wouldn't recommend attempting the repair. If you have the right setup it does not require engine removal. However, you could remove the engine and trans together and then separate them outside of the engine bay. First, you need to remove the ball joints. This is done by removing the wheel and using a ball joint separator tool. Its a "U" shaped tool that fits underneath the ball joint boot. There is an air tool that can do this. Once you remove the ball joint, you need to remove the driveshaft from the hub. This is done by holding the hub assembly by the brake rotor and pulling towards yourself. The driveshaft may come out of the trans first so be careful not to damage the spline on either end of the driveshaft by dropping it. Once the driveshaft is removed, repeat this procedure on the other side of the front end. You need to remove the slave cylinder from the clutch fork. Two 10 mm bolts hold it on. Next, remove the shifter cables. Now with , you can start removing the trans bolts. First, support the trans from the bottom with the jack. Next, remove the trans to body mount. This bracket is located near the battery. If you look in front of the battery you will see it. Remove and check the jack. You may need to adjust the jack to support the weight of the trans. Next, remove the trans to engine bolts. Look for where the casing for the trans and engine block meet. You will find the bolts there. Remove all the bolts and the trans should start to move a little. With the jack supporting the trans, start to move the trans away from the engine block. Once you have separated the trans from the motor, lower the jack slowly making sure the trans is balanced on the jack plate. Get the trans to a stand or appropriate resting place to remove the clutch assembly.