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How do you change the expansion valve on a 2001 Honda Civic?


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How do you change the ac expansion valve on a 2001 Honda civic

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The 1989 Honda Civic is not equipped with an EGR valve.

Take it to an a/c man. He has the knowledge and tools to do it.

Inside the evaporator case which is behind the glovebox

The expansion valve is inside the plastic box along with the evaporator core underneath the dashboard, right side.

Where is the PVC valve on a 2002 Honda Civic EX?

where is the iac valve on a 99 honda civic lx?

Locate heater control valve in a 2001 Honda civic


Pcv valve job on 95 civic

The AC receiver drier on a 1995 Honda Civic is on the high-pressure side of the system. It is between the expansion valve inlet and condenser outlet.

The expansion valve, on your 1998 Honda Accord, is located just before the thermostat housing. You can follow the water hose from the radiator to the expansion valve.

On a 1985 Honda Civic, the PCV valve is situated on the firewall side of the engine. The valve is connected to the rubber hose.

Idle on a 1985 Honda Civic is adjusted through a idle air control valve. This valve is located near the intake. Adjust the valve by either loosen or tightening it.

The PCV valve of a Honda Civic is usually located on the upper right corner of the intake manifold. The position can vary, but this is typical of any automobile.

The expansion valve is found inside the evaporator housing. To replace the AC system needs to be flushed legally. Then valve is only held down by a few mounting screws. Once the AC system is bled, loosen the screws and replace the unit.

Book time for the evaporator is 2 hours, follow the a.c. lines to the fire wall and under the dash on that side attatched to the evaporator will be your expansion valve.

intake valve 0. 20mm exhaust valve 0. 25mm

could be broken valve collar or you have dropped a valve

The 1996-2000 Honda Civic came with the 1.6-liter SOHC 4-cylinder 16-valve engine.

The 1983 civic, hatchback with 1.5 engine does not have one.

The idle speed on a 2001 Honda Civic is adjusted through the idle air control valve. The valve is located behind the intake manifold. Open the cover using a screwdriver and tighten the valve to lower the idle.

The 1992-1995 Honda Civic LX Sedan has a 102 horsepower 16 valve engine called the D1587.

By the last fuel injectoron on the intake manifold

The torque should be 7ft-lbs.

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