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How do you change the front brake rotors on a 91 Toyota Land Cruiser I can't get the rotor off?



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there are small nuts on the outside of the rotor i think about 6. remove them. tap gently on the out side of the rotor center. around the treads of the studs that u just took off the nuts from, there are small wedge certs. they will pop out alittle remove them and the next step will be to remove the center bearing protector. use a screw driver to pry it off, u may have to use a hammer to help it off. But becareful u will have to reuse it, then there is a pin that will need to be removed in the end of the spindle. then the nut can be removed. note the order in which the pieces come off. you need to reinstall them the same way. remove the bearings and the rotors should come off. note you should repack the bearings upon reinstilation. goodluck it is alittle time consuming, but sweat equity is always good