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How do you change the fuel pump and sending unit on a 99 ford contour?


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June 03, 2013 7:49PM

Disconnect the ground cable from the negative terminal, and examine the fuel line from the gas tank and replace it if necessary. Release pressure from the gas tank according to the instructions outlined in the car owner's manual. Loosen the clamp connecting the fuel tank hose and the vapor return hose, if there is one, to the old fuel pump, disconnect the hose, and somehow plug the hose you disconnect. Disconnect the fuel outlet line, and unscrew the two fastening bolts and discard the old fuel pump. Remove any remaining sealant from the mounting flange, and coat both sides of the new gasket with some sort of sealer. Insert the fastening bolts in the new pump and then place the gasket. Mount the new pump, ensuring the rocker arm sits against the eccentric gear on the engine or the actuating pushrod is properly connect. Connect the fuel outlet line to the new pump by disconnecting the line from the carburetor and connect the other end to the pump, reconnecting the free end to the carburetor. Tighten the nut and the clamp on the fuel tank hose securely. Reattach the ground cable to the battery's negative terminal. Start the engine and check the pump for leakes.