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I just changed the pump on my 1996. I'm no mechanic but I would think they are close to the same. The easiest way is to get under your truck and unbolt the bed, get a helper or 2 to move it back about 1 1/2 ft. I put a couple of towels on my tires and it rested on the tires and back bumper without having to take it completely off. This gives you complete access to the pump which sets inside the fuel tank. Unhook all connecting hoses and electrical connections, a few soft taps with a hammer and sloted screwdriver to unlock the pump, slide the old out, if you are replacing the whole thing, then just slide the new in rehook the hoses, START IT BEFORE YOU PUT THE BED BACK ON!, make sure there are no leaks, bolt the bed back on and your good to go!!

PS---This is a good time to replace your fuel filter also.

"Plan B"

This was very helpful but when I looked under my 1993 Silverado 5.7/350 4wd, I did not get a good feeling about trying to remove the bed. I asked a friend and he told me he knew a guy who put an access hole in the bed to change out the pump. Because I already have a hole for the gooseneck hitch, I thought this was a great idea. I figured out where to put the cut and cut the bed. It was easy to vacuum around the flange to get debris off and I changed the pump fairly easily. I just need to reinforce the bed and replace the cut out piece, then I will seal it. If I need access again, I can get to it in minutes. It was also easy to inspect for leaks after the pump was in and if I had to fix it, I could do it easily.

BE VERY CAREFUL USING A SCREWDRIVER AND HAMMER TO UNDO THE PUMP...SPARKS...GAS TANK...see the picture? a couple of lite taps probably won't do any damage but why take the risk? a brass punch or some other soft material tool might be a safer choice.


GM made this very easy about 1 .5 hours --DROP THE FUEL TANK - Empty the fuel tank as much as possible. Place a floorjack under the tank. Loosen the 2 mounting strap bolts. Remove the rubber filler hose clamp. Lower the tank a little bit. There are 3 hose fittings and 1 electrical connector that remove by squeezing them. After dicsonnecting the 3 hoses and electrical connection, drop the tank and remove it from under the truck. Unscrew the lock-ring on the pickup (where you removed the hoses and electrical connector) and carefully pull out assembly - the pickup, pump and gauge float are all attached to a single canister-like housing. The pump is incorporated into the pickup assembly and easily unsnaps. Watch the electtrical connections and replace the pump. . .

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Q: How do you change the fuel pump on a 2003 Silverado pick up?
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