How do you change the headlight bulb on a Vauxhall zafira?


There are four headlamp bulbs on a Zafira,one dip and one main beam per side.They are dead easy to get at.The outer (dipped beam) lamps have brown plastic bodies and the inner (main beam)lamps have white bodies. Whichever bulb you are replacing,press the release tag on the wiring loom clip and push it off.The bulb body will then rotate anticlockwise about a 1/4 turn and come out.Replacement is obviously reverse order,do not touch the glass envelope as a greasy fingerprint will cause premature failure.If you do touch it,clean with soft cloth and alcohol.

In the case of the passenger bulbs they are very easy to change however from personal experience the drivers side is much more difficult.

The driver side front bulbs are more difficult to change because the air filter is positioned above and behind the extraction point for the bulb holders. In the case of the dipped beam headlight bulb the easiest option I have found is to remove the five torx screws from the air filter box, remove two screws holding the headlight in place. remove the sidelight to the left of the bulb you are replacing as this obstructs its extraction.[ held in by a clip that you raise to release] then pull the headlight forward gently at the top to gain about half inch of space and then lift the air filter box top about four inches.

You can clearly see your target bulb and case which with a quarter turn will be released and with the additional space you have created should extract clearly.

Note the position of the bulb before removal to ensure the replacement is not put in upside down then not touching the glass part of the new bulb insert it into the bulb holder.

When repositioning the bulb holder it can be difficult unless you remember the position from which it first came. I noted that in my case the straight part of the bulb holder needed to be positioned pointing at the sidelight side of the wing before it would slot in properly and then a quarter turn towards the engine secured it.

Replace the side light bulb by inserting it into its holder remembering to position the clip the same way it was removed. [top or bottom] In my case the drivers was under the light and the passengers was above the light] [You may feel or hear a click as it locks in position]

Then replace and secure the air filter box top with the five torx screws.