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How do you change the license plate light on 1999 Cadillac eldorado?


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Rear license plate lights replacement require that you remove the entire frame with reverse lights. Remove the 3 cover bolts on the inside of trunk, remove license plate, remove the for bolts holding frame to tyrunk lid, slide unit down and out and you will have to twist the bulb sockets and remove the bulbs and install in reverse.


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what is the number for the fuse to change the rear license plate light. and is it the fuse box under the back seat or under the hood? The plate light is protected by the parking/tail light circuit.

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Facing the rear license plate of the car, place your hand in the upper portion in front of the license plate and you'll feel the rubber light socket which you would turn clockwise to remove. If the socket is too tight to turn and remove, then with a Phillips head screw driver remove the two screws that hold the plastic lens and socket which should drop down and make it easier to manipulate. The rubber socket has a remove direction arrow imprinted on it. Reverse procedure to re-install.

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If your license plate light is out change the bulb in it, if you have taillights your fuse is good as the license plate light uses the same fuse as the taillights.

license plate light just pops out of the bumper with a screw driver.u can buy a new light at auto store or just change the light bulb

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